Stories by Colin Ellis

Why every project manager needs a mentor

When I got my first project management job, I got lucky. I got to work for someone who was prepared to show me the right way to do things.

Written by Colin Ellis29 Jan. 16 16:00

The project management balancing act

During a recent project management training course that I was running, I was asked whether being a great leader was good enough to help a project to succeed.

Written by Colin Ellis18 Jan. 16 08:26

Want to change your culture? Start with your projects

Culture change is hard, that’s why few organisations take it on. There’s a reliance on new people coming in to an organisation to drive change in a way that hasn’t been seen before and yet all too often those people will come up against brick walls.

Written by Colin Ellis03 Feb. 15 10:48

How to smash it as a project sponsor

Project management greatness awaits those who can master governance, use an agile development environment, motivate teams, take planning seriously, and pick the right manager.

Written by Colin Ellis27 Nov. 14 10:33

Is process hampering your project success?

Project failures continue to occur despite the countless numbers of audits, reports, anecdotes, consultants and speeches in the public domain advising senior management on what not to do when it comes to project delivery.

Written by Colin Ellis15 Sept. 14 14:17