Stories by By Kenneth van Wyk

Even paradise needs backups

Holiday travel is no time to drop your guard, especially if you take any electronic devices along.

Written by By Kenneth van Wyk25 April 16 22:49

Apple, the FBI and the ghost of the Clipper chip

The government will press any advantage it gains in its quest to access a terrorist’s phone in ways that threaten privacy for all of us.

Written by By Kenneth van Wyk01 March 16 21:53

We can still ‘Nail’ security in the IoT

It’s a matter of getting product developers to overcome their naïveté, ignorance and laziness. Harsh? Yeah, but the truth hurts.

Written by By Kenneth van Wyk14 Sept. 15 23:45

How infosec can really shine

There's so much fear, uncertainty and doubt in the information security world today that many people have become pessimistic about the possibility of keeping all of the bad stuff that's out there out of our systems and networks, or at least detecting it in time to eradicate it before any great harm is done. I'm not one of them. I believe that with the right mix of attitude and aptitude, building a secure enterprise is within anyone's grasp. Will the security be perfect? Of course not. But I think it will be capable of meeting the challenges faced in today's threat environment.

Written by By Kenneth van Wyk08 Aug. 15 06:45

To get more secure, first figure out where you want to go

It's always a good idea to point the car in the right direction before pressing the gas pedal, right? Why is it, then, that so many people lose sight of that simple concept?

Written by By Kenneth van Wyk29 April 15 05:40

Be prepared for the breach that's headed your way

January 2015 is already winding down, but it's not too late to think about the lessons of 2014. For anyone in information security, 2014 was a year marked by spectacular breaches. It ended with Sony Pictures Entertainment getting its clock cleaned by hackers, <a href="">quite possibly from North Korea</a>. Wouldn't it be great if 2015 doesn't include the same sort of clock cleaning at your company?

Written by By Kenneth van Wyk27 Jan. 15 02:28

We can learn from the Sony hack

Well that stinks, doesn't it? <a href="">Sony Pictures goes and scrubs the launch of a $44 million movie</a> after being hacked, potentially by North Korea. Almost reads more like a James Bond plot than a news story, but there it is. And this time, it doesn't seem likely that Bond, James Bond, is going to show up at the eleventh hour to save the day.

Written by By Kenneth van Wyk20 Dec. 14 06:09

Keep calm and plug the holes

 Oh no, another zero day is out! No one goes home until it's fixed!

Written by By Kenneth van Wyk21 Oct. 14 23:18