Stories by Andy Patrizio

XML is toast, long live JSON

XML was useful in its time, but it has been supplanted by faster, more flexible formats.

Written by Andy Patrizio10 June 16 05:54

Amazon targets compliance-driven markets

Amazon Web Services EC2 Dedicated Hosts are designed to give you an on-premises experience in the cloud – for good or bad.

Written by Andy Patrizio03 March 16 23:47

If Office comes to Android, will anyone want it?

The sleuths over at The Verge reported last week that Microsoft is looking for beta testers for the pre-release versions of Office for Android. Despite a slow holiday week, the news traveled pretty fast. If you have an Android tablet, you can sign up at the SharePoint website for recruiting testers.

Written by Andy Patrizio08 July 14 04:55

Wzor's return brings Windows 9 rumors

Russian Microsoft leaker Wzor has resurfaced three months after going into hiding with new information on Windows 8.1 Update 2, as well as details on new security measures at Microsoft and Windows 9.

Written by Andy Patrizio02 July 14 03:43

1 in 5 small businesses still use Windows XP, survey says

A survey by antivirus firm, Bitdefender, has found 18 per cent of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are still using Windows XP despite the end of support from Microsoft and the near-apocalyptic predictions that led up to its end of life.

Written by Andy Patrizio24 June 14 05:00

More than 300,000 servers still unpatched for Heartbleed

Two months ago the tech world was hit with a tsunami that hundreds of thousands of websites were vulnerable to a critical bug, forcing us to change our passwords on all our favorite sites immediately.

Written by Andy Patrizio24 June 14 00:24