Stories by Andy Patrizio

How to decommission a data centre

Decommissioning a data centre is lot more complicated than shutting down servers and switches. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Written by Andy Patrizio20 Sept. 19 20:00

Is there a white-box server in your data center’s future?

The stagnant server market is heating up as 'white box' server vendors grab an increasing share of the cloud business. Enterprises have been reluctant to follow the lead of hyperscale data center vendors to off-brand server competitors, largely due to a lack of enterprise-grade service and maintenance options. But the economics are compelling.

Written by Andy Patrizio11 Oct. 18 21:00

Former Intel CEO Paul Otellini remembered

Former Intel CEO Paul Otellini passed away Oct. 2, 2017. As Intel’s first non-engineer, he did more to advance the company’s position than any other.

Written by Andy Patrizio05 Oct. 17 00:03

XML is toast, long live JSON

XML was useful in its time, but it has been supplanted by faster, more flexible formats.

Written by Andy Patrizio10 June 16 05:54