Stories by Lou Markstrom

How to build a consultative culture

Difficult situations with customers are often the result of a reactive rather than a consultative IT mindset.

Written by Lou Markstrom03 April 18 12:00

9 tips for better time management

The rules of time management have changed – the days of showing up to the office, working through your inbox, shifting items to your outbox, going home and repeating the same sequence the next day are well and truly over.

Written by Lou Markstrom05 Feb. 18 15:12

8 fatal flaws to IT transformation

Is your IT transformation progressing at the rate you would like? Has it stagnated or hit so much resistance along the way that you are doubting if it will happen?

Written by Lou Markstrom08 Nov. 17 11:53

How to best deal with workplace stress

Stress is part of our everyday lives. Our ability to deal with it, direct it or eliminate it will have a big impact our levels of effectiveness, wellbeing and satisfaction now and in their future.

Written by Lou Markstrom28 July 17 16:18

Sharpen your savvy: 5 steps to navigating organisational politics

Organisational politics are a reality and we can either take the approach of burying our heads in the sand and pretend they don’t exist or recognise that political savvy is an essential skill for all levels of an IT organisation.

Written by Lou Markstrom06 June 17 09:51

​8 steps to a great 2017

Things you can do to ensure you have a highly focused year full and fun and achievement.

Written by Lou Markstrom23 Jan. 17 17:15