Stories by Bob Ronan

6 steps to optimize your vendor relationships

Are your vendors one of the most important reasons why your organization is successful? If not, you may have a huge opportunity to unleash untapped capabilities that are already at your disposal. The ideas in this article will help you differentiate your organization in the eyes of your vendors so they pay more attention to your problems and help you achieve better results.

Written by Bob Ronan23 June 15 00:58

Is Your IT Shop Successful?

How do you answer the question posed in the headline asking if your IT shop is successful? If you answer "yes," how do you know if you are right?

Written by Bob Ronan11 Sept. 14 00:05

Is your IT shop a scrambler or a leader?

Technology organisations evolve on a four-step path, with each step enhancing the value of the organisation to its customers. Most IT organisations are in the first two stages: Scrambler and Producer.

Written by Bob Ronan11 March 14 10:53