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Why Apple rules UX, its native iOS apps suck, and that's OK

Every iPhone Apple sells today ships with 32 native applications but few, if any, are considered best in class. It may seem like Apple has lost its edge on mobile apps and software design, but the company's primary mission to sell hardware certainly hasn't suffered as a result. Indeed, the Apple experience -- a polished user interface married with premium hardware -- is as much about looks as functionality, and the technology ecosystem Apple has built continues to grow and mature.

Written by Matt Kapko09 July 15 00:45

In Pictures: 7 things we hate about Twitter

You probably either love Twitter for its quirkiness and brevity or see it as a pointless waste of time. After nearly a decade on the social scene, Twitter still needs to improve its user experience and fill in notable gaps in the service. These seven problems are long overdue for a fix.

Written by Matt Kapko03 July 15 08:31

Facebook and Google dominate time spent with mobile apps

The battle for mobile social supremacy is largely a two-horse race these days as Facebook and Google combine to claim one of every four minutes U.S. users spend on mobile devices, according to a report released this week by Forrester Research. Forrester tracked the app use of 1,721 adult smartphone users in the U.S. during the three-month period ending in December 2014.

Written by Matt Kapko03 July 15 04:57

Social media sites still don't do enough to combat abuse

Every day, countless individuals and groups are victimized on social networks. The abusers, detached and cloaked in anonymity, often take on different personas as they shame, troll, incite and denigrate others with relative impunity. The ramifications can be devastating and, until recently, the majority of social media companies failed to acknowledge -- let alone confront -- the vulgarity and vicious threats that fly so freely on their platforms.

Written by Matt Kapko01 July 15 23:13

An IT view of Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word Online

Traditional document applications are still among many workers' core computing apps, but the cloud-based Google for Work and Microsoft's Office 365 suites facilitate more collaborative, real-time workflows. The differences between Google Docs and Word Online are sometimes indiscernible, but for the millions of people who spend hours with the platforms each week, small variances can be a big deal.

Written by Matt Kapko30 June 15 23:29

Twitter takes another shot a social shopping

Twitter is taking cues from Amazon, Pinterest and others in its latest foray into social shopping. The company announced a new set of pages that are designed to streamline the purchase process on Twitter. Pages for products and places can include images, video, product descriptions and prices, and -- most importantly for Twitter -- the option to buy products or visit advertiser websites for more information. The new shopping features are available now on Twitter's website and in its Android and iOS apps.

Written by Matt Kapko24 June 15 01:18

How Apple's privacy stance could give Google an AI edge

"We at Apple reject the idea that our customers should have to make tradeoffs between privacy and security," said Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier this month during an Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) event where he was honored for corporate leadership. "We can and we must provide both in equal measure."

Written by Matt Kapko24 June 15 00:42

Twitter lost the average Joe and Jane (and they may never return)

Almost 10 years and 302 million active users (MAU) after its launch, Twitter remains a confusing, social media free-for-all. While it's embracing change on the periphery, its namesake platform remains an increasingly lackluster and frustrating experience for users. If you don't regularly use Twitter now, the odds are you never will.

Written by Matt Kapko22 June 15 23:39

Office 365 vs. Google for Work: A cloud comparison for small businesses

The price of enterprise collaboration and productivity tools for small- and medium-size businesses has dropped considerably. Cloud-based services from Microsoft, Google and others are available for what many folks pay for a single cup of coffee.

Written by Matt Kapko16 June 15 23:31

Office 365 and Google for Work adoption rates to grow rapidly

Cloud-based platforms such as Google for Work and Microsoft Office 365 are far from ubiquitous in today's workplace, but they're seeing rapid adoption, and that trend is going to continue. In fact, more than half of the small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs) queried as part of a new survey from BetterCloud plan to run all of their IT services in the cloud within five years.

Written by Matt Kapko16 June 15 01:18

'LinkedIn Out Loud' videos lampoon ludicrous profiles

During your time on LinkedIn, you've probably come across a few egomaniacal profiles that made you roll your eyes, maybe even laugh out loud, U.K.-based filmmakers and advertising duo Joseph & Joseph spent two years collecting the most narcissistic LinkedIn profiles they could find and then gathered a group of actors to read them on camera for a short video series called, "LinkedIn Out Loud."

Written by Matt Kapko13 June 15 00:49

What Apple News means to publishers, advertisers and you

Apple is taking a fresh stab at content curation and aggregation with a native mobile app that it will release as part of iOS 9 this fall. The Apple News app will combine and curate articles from more than 50 publications at launch, and it is sure to create another rift between those who create online media, advertisers and the many companies that want to deliver it to online readers.

Written by Matt Kapko11 June 15 02:13

4 simple LinkedIn tips to polish your profile

Last month, during an editorial offsite on the Atlantic shores of Cape Cod, the CIO team shared some tips and advice with each other on how to be more productive and improve our online personas. At CIO, we know the knowledge and insights we gain from our peers can be invaluable, and that's one reason we're all active LinkedIn users.

Written by Matt Kapko09 June 15 04:38

Facebook, Twitter represent bulk of blocked traffic on corporate networks

CIOs and IT managers are in many ways fighting a losing battle when it comes to blocking employee access to social media services and other websites on corporate networks. Every day, employee make an average of 6.2 attempts to access blocked social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, according to a new report from Allot Communications, an Israeli enterprise IP service provider. Whether those attempts are intentional or the result of links in messages, redirects from other sites or ads, IT is responsible for the integrity of its systems.

Written by Matt Kapko06 June 15 00:38