Stories by Matt Kapko

Instagram daily use nearly equals Twitter's monthly rate

Instagram's daily active user base is close to Twitter's number of monthly users, and the gap between the companies continues to widen as Facebook, Instagram's parent, consolidates power through its family of popular apps.

Written by Matt Kapko22 June 16 23:29

10 tech giants winning the talent war on LinkedIn

The leaders of the technology world unsurprisingly dominate a new list of the most in-demand jobs on LinkedIn, according to research from the business-focused social network.

Written by Matt Kapko21 June 16 23:47

Apple purposefully avoids enterprise at WWDC

Enterprise definitely was not the star of Apple's show at WWDC last week. The company barely mentioned business users or developers during the opening keynote, but it did introduce several improvements that should have far reaching implications for enterprise coders and IT.

Written by Matt Kapko21 June 16 05:09

Social networks continue to eat news publishers' lunch

Social sites have helped spawn many new industries, but they're also a real threat to online news publishers, who are increasingly squeezed out by algorithms, ad blockers and audiences that don't care where their news come from, according a new report.

Written by Matt Kapko17 June 16 07:01

Microsoft's big bet on LinkedIn not just about data

The initial shock of Microsoft's massive $26.2 billion bet on LinkedIn has mostly worn off, but it's still unclear just what Microsoft will do with LinkedIn, how the social network's loyal users will react to related change, and how Microsoft will integrate LinkedIn data with its products.

Written by Matt Kapko16 June 16 03:27

What Apple's new open stance means for iOS apps

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple this week empowered third-party developers to further integrate their apps with native iOS software. The changes should have significant impact behind the scenes of iOS and on iPhone users' screens.

Written by Matt Kapko14 June 16 23:48

4 ways Apple could fix Apple Music

The Apple Music service and mobile app leave a lot to be desired, but these four simple modifications would go a long way toward fixing the company's busted music service.

Written by Matt Kapko11 June 16 02:33

Why consumers still aren't buying social media buy buttons

Social media simply isn't an effective sales channel today, and despite social companies' efforts to rollout new forms of buying features, the slow adoption may have more to do with consumer behavioral than technology.

Written by Matt Kapko09 June 16 22:00

B2B marketers start to see value in social media

Business-facing marketers haven't warmed to social media as quickly as their consumer counterparts, but B2B marketing pros appear to have finally realized the potential of social.

Written by Matt Kapko04 June 16 05:52

Apple's enterprise partnerships, big and small, start to pay off

Apple is slowly strengthening its foothold in the enterprise through a series of partnerships with established providers of business services, large and small. Here's a breakdown of what's working, from the perspective of Apple's leading business partners, as well as how the pacts benefit CIOs.

Written by Matt Kapko02 June 16 22:00

Nearly a third of all Facebook users share content every day

Facebook has always been a place where people share personal content, and though the company faces an overall decline in user contributions, a new survey found that 28 percent of Facebook users still share posts, photos or video at least once a day.

Written by Matt Kapko02 June 16 23:33

Most marketers miss mark with mobile messaging

Consumers are inundated with notifications from all types of mobile messaging services, and though many will engage with businesses that use relevant alerts, most organizations don't capitalize on the opportunity.

Written by Matt Kapko28 May 16 00:22

Can Google's virtual assistant find a home in enterprise?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai credits Amazon with paving an early path for consumer virtual assistants, but the company's first response to Amazon Echo, Google Home, could eventually play an important role in the business world.

Written by Matt Kapko26 May 16 22:00

Twitter's tiny tweaks do little to address big issues

Twitter plans to make some changes to its social network later this summer, but the overdue modifications clearly demonstrate the company's ongoing struggle to innovate.

Written by Matt Kapko26 May 16 04:17