Stories by S. Gregory Uehling

What does $100k buy you in property in Australia compared to the same amount in US?

Have you ever wanted to buy property in the United States but thought that it would be easier just to buy property here in Australia? I decided to compare a $100,000 investment in property in any state or territory in Australia with the same amount in Dallas Texas, one of the strongest markets in the US. You may be surprised to see how it can be truly advantageous to purchase property in the US in comparison to Australia.

Written by S. Gregory Uehling27 July 12 17:00

Asset rich, cash poor

Property as an asset class dovetails right into an Australian investors psyche as Australians are true believers in brick and mortar. It’s not just a belief but it’s a trust that over time, property will appreciate.

Written by S. Gregory Uehling27 July 12 15:32