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Twitter Tips: How to Safely Blend the Personal and the Professional

Twitter can enhance your personal and professional lives, helping you connect more with friends and learn more from colleagues, customers and peers. But can you tweet to both crowds without getting in trouble or offending someone? Here are some good strategies to ensure a smart balance.

Written by CG Lynch06 Nov. 09 14:21

Twitter Tips: How to Write Better Tweets

Twitter's 140-character message format demands concise, engaging writing, and that's a skill that a lot of people just don't have. Here's practical, expert advice to help you engage your followers and avoid common tweet writing blunders.

Written by CG Lynch06 Nov. 09 14:19

Twitter Tips: How To Search Twitter Smarter

Once you're actively using Twitter, you may feel unable to keep up with all the messages of value. But you can learn to search them. From hashtags to smiley faces, here are our tips on how to search Twitter to get more value from it.

Written by CG Lynch06 Nov. 09 14:18

Twitter Tips: TweetDeck App Gets You Organized, Automated

The handy, free TweetDeck app will help you organize personal and business Tweets, automate coordination with Facebook, and more. Here are quick and easy instructions on how and why to get started with TweetDeck.

Written by CG Lynch06 Nov. 09 14:16

How to Write a Twitter Policy for Your Employees

Twitter makes it easier than ever to share information and interact with your customers and peers. But giving your employees some rules for the road will make it easier for them to tweet freely and without career fear, while protecting your company .

Written by CG Lynch19 Oct. 09 16:36