Stories by Gerald Khoury

Opinion: Do you want your maverick dead or alive?

The first maverick was a Texas rancher named Samuel Maverick. In his steadfast refusal to brand his cattle, his surname now connotes someone who wilfully takes an independent (and frequently disruptive or unorthodox) stand against prevailing modes of thought and action.

Written by Gerald Khoury09 May 13 10:20

Opinion: The Goldilocks strategy

A documented IT strategy is the most valuable resource you can develop; it’s the shop window that displays the value your IT organisation delivers. Yet, it’s also a trouble spot for many CIOs who either end up lumbered with a white elephant or decide to ditch the IT strategy document altogether.

Written by Gerald Khoury27 Dec. 12 12:00

Opinion: The business is not your partner

We have all seen the articles: Treating our internal business stakeholders as customers is out; the supplier/customer model is dead. The new black is ‘business as a partner’.

Written by Gerald Khoury22 Oct. 12 15:53