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5 reasons to move to big data (and 1 reason why it won't be easy)

Companies of all sizes are beginning to reap the benefits of data analytics technology. If you're not up to speed yet, here are five ways that big data can benefit your business--and one precaution that may well thwart your big data plans.

Written by Reda Chouffani21 May 13 12:58

Big Data analytics a big benefit for marketing departments

Marketing has evolved tremendously over the years, largely because technology has enabled it to reach, when the situation calls for it, either a bigger audience or a more specific, targeted audience. The Internet has helped businesses reach audiences at much faster speeds and lower costs than more traditional advertising methods.

Written by Reda Chouffani24 Sept. 12 14:31

Four questions to ask before starting a big data initiative

Big data holds much promise for organizations seeking ways to improve business processes. Before reaching that point, though, you need to know what data you'll need, how you'll get it, how you'll use it and what you expect to learn from it. Learn how to start answering those questions here.

Written by Reda Chouffani21 Aug. 12 17:36