Stories by J.F. Rice

Security Manager's Journal: Thinking about passwords

The passwords most people choose could be stronger, but providers need to make it easier to create really strong passphrases. And when will we be able to leave passwords behind and use alternative authentication methods instead?

Written by J.F. Rice04 Sept. 13 21:54

Security Manager's Journal: Android panic

Android smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous at our manager's company. What happens now that the Android ecosystem appears to be riddled with security pitfalls?

Written by J.F. Rice29 July 13 12:07

Security Manager's Journal: Auto-forwarded emails could be a huge problem

Our intellectual property and sensitive data have been leaving the relatively safe confines of our internal network without adequate security precautions, all because users find it convenient to get their company email in their personal webmail accounts.

Written by J.F. Rice08 July 13 12:41