Stories by Elaine M Cummings

re-learning e-learning

Thomas Koulopoulos thinks e-learning technology can help turn staid skills-training into learning on the fly.

Written by Elaine M Cummings09 Oct. 01 09:30

The Good, the Bad and Your Business

Is ethical business decision making an oxymoron? Author Jeffrey Seglin talks about how to manage with a conscience.

Written by Elaine M Cummings21 July 00 11:27

Strategic Alliances: Common Ground

Doug Barker's successful quest to find IT partners for his nonprofit environmental group yields profitable lessons for any company's CIO

Written by Elaine M Cummings22 May 00 10:31

Basic Training

A simple technology solution makes a world of difference for cancer patients and their doctors at remote Pacific military hospitals

Written by Elaine M Cummings07 Feb. 00 10:41

Judgement Call

Each year, CIO (US) honours the people behind the latest and greatest technology-enabled business achievements. These are the people whose projects have altered a core process, an organisation, a market or even an industry. These are the folks who make a difference. Because of them, there is simply no point to adhering to "the way we've always done things".

Written by Elaine M Cummings07 Feb. 00 10:41

In Search of Excellence

This year's Enterprise Value Award winners have discovered that, by looking beyond the bottom line, they can reach for the stars

Written by Elaine M Cummings31 Jan. 00 11:13