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HyperOffice up against Google Apps, Zoho with updated suite

Google Apps, Zoho and other online collaboration players got a fresh dose of competition Tuesday, as HyperOffice announced that a major overhaul of its online collaboration suite is now in private beta.

Written by Chris Kanaracus16 Dec. 09 05:21

MySQL creator launches campaign to 'save' database

The creator of MySQL has launched a Web-based campaign to "save" the open-source database from the "clutches" of Oracle, which is attempting to purchase its current owner, Sun Microsystems.

Written by Chris Kanaracus15 Dec. 09 02:06

ERP vendor offers to take over MySQL

French ERP (enterprise resource planning) vendor Nexedi made a public bid Monday to take over stewardship of the open-source MySQL database from Sun Microsystems, offering a symbolic €1 in return.

Written by Chris Kanaracus15 Dec. 09 06:20

Recession not all bad for enterprise software users

The global recession took a major toll on enterprise software vendors and their customers in 2009, leading to flagging license sales and tight IT budgets. But the economy also prompted a series of policy changes and concessions from vendors that could make users' lives easier in the long run, especially if they become broader trends.

Written by Chris Kanaracus14 Dec. 09 08:00

Tibco's 'Tibbr' aims to be enterprise Twitter

Middleware vendor Tibco said Monday it is preparing to release Tibbr, a messaging system with strong echoes of the popular Twitter microblogging service.

Written by Chris Kanaracus08 Dec. 09 04:47

Study: MySQL use to drop under Oracle ownership

Usage of the open-source MySQL database is set to decline if Oracle succeeds in buying the software's owner, Sun Microsystems, according to new data released by analyst firm The 451 Group on Friday.

Written by Chris Kanaracus05 Dec. 09 04:28

No quick resolution likely for SAP KPI saga

SAP's attempt to convince users that its Enterprise Support service provides enough value to justify a higher price tag may drag on well into 2010.

Written by Chris Kanaracus04 Dec. 09 09:04

Gartner buying AMR Research in $64 million deal

Gartner announced Monday that it is buying AMR Research for US$64 million, in the latest acquisition by the giant IT research firm. The deal is expected to be completed this month.

Written by Chris Kanaracus02 Dec. 09 06:56

SAP readying potential Google Wave rival

SAP is planning to release a "virtual war room" decision-making tool dubbed Constellation, which could be a potential rival to Google's heralded Wave collaboration platform.

Written by Chris Kanaracus02 Dec. 09 04:23

IBM buys database security firm Guardium

IBM has acquired database security vendor Guardium, it said Monday, confirming earlier reports. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Written by Chris Kanaracus01 Dec. 09 07:39

Crunching data on the cheap

Data-warehousing software systems are expensive, but many enterprises have nonetheless been willing to dig deep, betting that analytics will provide new insights into their business and a competitive advantage.

Written by Chris Kanaracus26 Nov. 09 07:03

Momentum builds for open content management standard

A proposed standard meant to help content management systems communicate with each other has steady momentum, and an initial version could be finalized early next year.

Written by Chris Kanaracus24 Nov. 09 08:55

Benioff trumpets platform's success CEO Marc Benioff on Thursday attempted to cement an image of the vendor as a full-blown application development platform provider, not merely a purveyor of SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications.

Written by Chris Kanaracus20 Nov. 09 08:51 announces 'Chatter' social-networking app opened up its annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco on Wednesday by previewing Salesforce Chatter, a social-networking application the vendor dubbed a "Facebook for the Enterprise."

Written by Chris Kanaracus19 Nov. 09 08:14