Stories by Chris Kanaracus

VMware offering 'safe passage' to Virtual Iron users

VMware is trying to exploit uncertainty among customers of Virtual Iron, the virtualization vendor recently acquired by Oracle, with a new "safe passage" plan that offers Virtual Iron users steep discounts on certain VMware products if they switch.

Written by Chris Kanaracus08 July 09 04:28

Aster rolls out data warehousing appliances

Seeking to cater to more customer tastes in the increasingly crowded market for large-scale data warehousing and analysis, startup Aster Data Systems on Monday announced a new series of appliances that combine Aster's nCluster database and hardware in a preconfigured package.

Written by Chris Kanaracus30 June 09 06:52

Social networking success requires solid plans

Users who shared their social networking implementation stories at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston on Wednesday emphasized that success requires careful consideration of corporate culture and goals, as well as effective technology.

Written by Chris Kanaracus25 June 09 04:31

'Enterprise Facebook' enjoys major adoption

If large companies are looking for evidence that a social networking strategy can work, Booz Allen Hamilton may have given them some.

Written by Chris Kanaracus24 June 09 04:39

Infor rolls out new 'Flex' upgrade policy

ERP (enterprise resource planning) vendor Infor on Monday is announcing the Infor Flex, a program it says will make it logistically and financially easier for customers to upgrade or switch to other Infor products.

Written by Chris Kanaracus23 June 09 04:02 offering no-charge access to is hoping to drive more interest from corporate developers and ISVs in its development platform by offering limited, no-cost access, the on-demand CRM (customer relationship management) vendor announced Monday.

Written by Chris Kanaracus16 June 09 03:01

Compuware taking 'agile' approach to Changepoint

Compuware on Monday announced a 12-month road map for its Changepoint IT portfolio and project management software that will include a number of enhancements throughout the year, as well as a major release in 2010.

Written by Chris Kanaracus16 June 09 03:20

Infor to buy SoftBrands for $80 million

ERP (enterprise resource planning) vendor Infor and its investor, Golden Gate Capital, have formed a holding company to buy SoftBrands in a US$80 million deal that will further expand Infor's sprawling, acquisition-driven portfolio.

Written by Chris Kanaracus15 June 09 03:39

Vendors look for piece of stimulus cash with new BI apps

The Obama administration's demand that government officials closely track and report how US$787 billion in economic stimulus money is being spent was not lost on major software vendors such as SAP and IBM, which have quickly rolled out BI tools that are supposed to help meet the mandate. Smaller vendors, such as Actuate, have released similar applications as well.

Written by Chris Kanaracus06 June 09 01:38

Sun shareholders will vote on Oracle deal on July 16

Sun Microsystems has scheduled a special shareholders meeting for July 16 for a vote on whether to accept Oracle's US$7.4 billion proposal to buy the company. Sun's board has unanimously recommended the transaction go through.

Written by Chris Kanaracus09 June 09 08:25

Greenplum spins 'Enterprise Data Cloud' vision

Data warehousing vendor Greenplum on Monday rolled out its "Enterprise Data Cloud" initiative, a long-term product and methodology strategy meant to further the idea of "self-service" data warehousing.

Written by Chris Kanaracus09 June 09 04:31

'Google-like' tool aids network security

Network administrators and security specialists have long had tools and software for analyzing the streams of traffic that course through company systems, but now a Marlborough, Massachusetts, startup wants to make the process a lot easier.

Written by Chris Kanaracus04 June 09 04:27

'Rigged' product demo in SAP suit goes missing

A presale product demonstration software package that is key to Waste Management's rancorous lawsuit against SAP has gone missing and both sides are claiming the other should have it, according to documents filed in a U.S. District Court.

Written by Chris Kanaracus29 May 09 06:50