Stories by Frank J. Ohlhorst

Best practices for selecting storage services for Big Data

Disk storage is a lot like closet space—you can never have enough. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of big data. The very name—"big data"—implies more data than a typical storage platform can handle. So where exactly does this leave the ever-vigilant CIO? With a multitude of decisions to make and very little information to go by.

Written by Frank J. Ohlhorst26 April 12 00:07

How to use Hadoop to overcome storage limitations

Storage technology has evolved and matured to the point where it has started to approach commodity status in many data centers. Nevertheless, today's enterprises are faced with evolving needs that can strain storage technologies -- a case in point is the push for big data analytics, an initiative that brings business intelligence (BI) capabilities to large data sets.

Written by Frank J. Ohlhorst19 April 12 05:29

The security suite guide 2010

Just a few short years ago, all a PC needed for protection was a basic antivirus program to guard against any malware that arrived via an e-mail attachment, embedded in a shareware application or piggy-backed on a floppy disk.

Written by Frank J. Ohlhorst18 Aug. 10 08:54