Stories by John Blau

Talking Paper Seeks Cheap Printing to Be Viable

Someday consumers may find themselves listening to paper to learn more about products, receive instructions or heed warnings. That's the hope of Swedish researchers studying ways to print loudspeakers and keyboards on paper.

Written by John Blau08 June 07 14:29

German Government Moves Steady on Security

For months, German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauble has been lobbying intensively for tough security measures to fight terrorism and cybercrime. Now he's putting his words into action.

Written by John Blau05 June 07 11:47

WORLD CUP - South African games pose big IT challenge

Germany is putting on a good World Cup soccer tournament -- so good in fact that some networking experts wonder whether they'll be able to pull off a similar feat when the championship takes place in South Africa four years from now.

Written by John Blau20 June 06 11:14

WSIS - Some open-source boosters see missed chance

Advocates of free software and open-source software were neither protesting nor dancing in the halls of the Kram conference and exhibition center at the Internet summit in Tunis. A few critics, including Richard Stallman, questioned why they even came.

Written by John Blau21 Nov. 05 07:42

WSIS - Annan: UN has no plans to 'take over' the Internet

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, seeking to defuse a feud over Internet governance ahead of a global summit next week, wrote in a newspaper column published Saturday that no proposals exist to create a U.N. agency to take over the Net.

Written by John Blau08 Nov. 05 07:37

Munich chooses two local Linux suppliers

The City of Munich has selected two local German software companies to equip all 14,000 computers in its public administration with Linux and other open source office applications.

Written by John Blau18 April 05 08:50

Munich agrees to Linux migration plan

Local government officials in Munich approved Wednesday a plan for rolling out the Linux operating system and other open source applications in more than 14,000 city administration computers.

Written by John Blau18 June 04 08:36

Study: Linux nears Windows XP usability

Linux, once viewed as an OS (operating system) only computer geeks could appreciate, is today a much more user-friendly software that companies, public administrations and consumers can master almost as easily as Microsoft's Windows XP. That's the core finding of a study published last Friday by Relevantive AG, a Berlin-based company specializing in consulting companies on the usability of software and Web services.

Written by John Blau05 Aug. 03 08:15

Over 500 German Government Agencies Using Open Source

One year after the German Federal Ministry of the Interior agreed to a partnership with IBM to supply open-source software on new computers to federal, state and local governments as well as other government agencies, more than 500 groups have signed up for the service.

Written by John Blau01 July 03 14:57

Munich Government Chooses Linux over Microsoft

After several months of intensive research and debate, the Munich city government has decided to migrate its entire computer network to the open source Linux operating system, dropping Microsoft's Windows system in the process.

Written by John Blau03 June 03 16:34

Belgium Introducing Java-based ID Cards

The Belgium government has issued Java-based cards to residents in 11 cities, with the goal of eventually providing every Belgian resident over 12 years old with an electronic identification (EID) card.

Written by John Blau15 April 03 11:15