Stories by Joshua Stein

Focus on ZeuS malware clears the way for other threats

The ZeuS "crimeware toolkit" has made recent headlines lately by garnering attention of the FBI, and for the new components that allow hackers to break into BlackBerry and Symbian phones.

Written by Joshua Stein13 Oct. 10 11:42

New Droid Pro security features lead the way

Android has not had the best luck in penetrating the enterprise market, with less than 30 per cent of all enterprise activations, according to the latest survey by Good Technology.

Written by Joshua Stein13 Oct. 10 07:10

Another SMS Trojan Appears on Android Phones

Kaspersky Labs first announced its detection of what appeared to be the first of several SMS Trojans on Google's Android operating system on August 9th. The application released in Russian markets outside of Google's Android Market, was disguised as a media player.

Written by Joshua Stein10 Sept. 10 08:15