Stories by Sandra Gittlen

How to staff the hybrid cloud

IT leaders share their advice for getting network and infrastructure teams ready for hybrid cloud environments.

Written by Sandra Gittlen06 May 19 14:00

DRaaS options grow, but no one size fits all

If enterprises have defined their disaster recovery needs and validated vendor capabilities, DRaaS can make it easier to weather service outages

Written by Sandra Gittlen01 Feb. 19 02:33

Revamping your insider threat program

Companies including MITRE are looking at privileged access and how to better lock it down -- without stopping employees from doing their jobs.

Written by Sandra Gittlen14 July 14 20:33

Whittle down application sprawl

When it comes to shutting down out-of-date, risky or unnecessary applications, James Gordon, vice president of technology and operations at Needham Bank, doesn't mess around.

Written by Sandra Gittlen06 March 14 14:50

Analytics boost social marketing efforts

Big-name companies including General Electric and Best Western are maturing their social marketing programs and integrating social metrics with back-end systems.

Written by Sandra Gittlen28 Feb. 13 11:54

8 classic IT hiring mistakes and how to avoid them

From writing dated, irrelevant job descriptions to accepting a less-than-ideal candidate because the work is piling up, classic hiring mistakes are just waiting to trip up managers.

Written by Sandra Gittlen07 Jan. 13 19:44

The cloud as data-center extension

A year after Oregon's Multnomah County deployed an on-premises portfolio management application, the two IT staffers dedicated to it resigned. Other staff struggled to maintain the specialized server environment. Left with no other option to guarantee support of the mission-critical tool, the county leapt into the cloud.

Written by Sandra Gittlen08 Nov. 12 14:58

How to get your IT team ready for the cloud

So you received word that cloud is now a priority for your organization. The challenge is how do you get your team cloud-ready? "The cloud is changing so rapidly there's no book you can buy to get up to speed," says Ross Lambert, software architect and development lead for electricity storage provider Demand Energy Networks.

Written by Sandra Gittlen03 Oct. 12 20:35

Want to telework? Not so fast, IT

IT pro spend their days figuring out how to support a mobile workforce that can operate wholly off-site, yet the telework perk remains elusive for them.

Written by Sandra Gittlen24 Sept. 12 10:32

How to become a BYOD guru

Becoming a BYOD guru isn't an overnight proposition -- it's something that takes initiative, persistence and time. We've identified five key resource areas that can help you master the technical, legal and security ramifications of BYOD and maintain a pipeline of information once you've rolled out your own program.

Written by Sandra Gittlen16 July 12 18:08