Stories by Lauren Gibbons Paul

10 steps to loading dock security

It's the stuff of CSO nightmares. Early on the morning of September 2, while most folks were home sleeping off the hot dogs, thieves used bolt cutters to break into an Alltel Communications warehouse and four of its loading docks in Fort Smith, Ark. Sources say they escaped with an estimated US$10 million worth of cell phones, not a bad haul for their Labor Day efforts.

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul07 Oct. 08 12:30

Building Code

Everyone knows it's cheaper and better to build in security from the start of a technology project. Forward-thinking companies have formalized the process; here's why you should too.

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul08 March 05 09:08

Time to Change

Jonathan Shapiro remembers the instant he knew he wanted to hire Tom Scott as CIO of Lillian Vernon. In Scott's first interview at the headquarters of the specialty catalogue retailer in August 2003, he wowed company president Shapiro when he responded to a routine question about a customer database he had been working on at his then current employer.

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul10 Jan. 05 14:59

Time to Change

How a mid-market company with limited resources tackled an ambitious IT overhaul.

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul20 Dec. 04 09:38

How to Make Your Best Case

As the great IT budget freeze begins to thaw, you must either sharpen your project presentation skills or be cut out of the loop. Take heart - our five rules practically guarantee business case success

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul10 March 04 12:51

Birth of a Salesman

It's not only about golf and cocktails any more.
To successfully sell IT, CIOs must align projects with customer needs and then prove they delivered value. Better learn these eight essential sales techniques - your budget may be at stake

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul09 Dec. 03 10:41

Suspicious Minds

Collaboration among trading partners can unlock great value. Mistrust is the barrier. Here are six ways to build confidence.

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul10 March 03 12:33

How to Tame the E-Mail Beast

E-mail management is principally a people issue, not a technical one.
Read tips from CIOs on how to get the message out to your employees.

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul26 Nov. 01 10:00

How to Analyse the Analysts

Psst. See that great stack of paper on the corner of your desk? You know the one. It contains all the latest research from your IT analyst firm - the research that costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
Get up right now, pick up the pile and toss it in the garbage.

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul08 Sept. 01 11:00

Classic Outsourcing Blunders

We've been doing it for more than 25 years. Why are we still doing it wrong?

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul07 Sept. 01 11:00

Start Me Up

Making your supply chain more efficient sounds like a major undertaking. You can begin modestly and still reap impressive rewards.

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul04 June 01 14:51


Mail Boxes Etc. spent US$25 million to position itself as the real world's shipping partner to the virtual e-tail space. One problem: The technology doesn't work.

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul04 May 01 14:02

Survival Tips from the Pioneers

No standards. Few vendors. Skeptical users. Early adopters of wireless technology had it tough.

Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul20 April 01 15:09