Stories by Jason Bloomberg

Enterprise Architecture Is the Steak to Cloud's Sizzle for Feds

The U.S. Agency for International Development is the only federal agency among 27 recently surveyed by the Government Accountability Office to map out an enterprise architecture strategy, define metrics to measure its progress and actually go back to see if the plan worked. (It did.) Here's what your company can learn from USAID's enterprise architecture efforts.

Written by Jason Bloomberg05 Nov. 12 14:16

Can the Government Handle Big Data Analytics?

You name it, the government has a pile of data about it: genomics, energy use, the weather and more. Various open data and big data initiatives at the federal government aim to make this information available to anyone who wants it. Can the inherent complexity of big data analytics and the promise of open government coexist?

Written by Jason Bloomberg22 Oct. 12 14:53

Email as a service not as easy as it sounds

When the government tried to implement email as a service, it had to balance security concerns with free trade policies that sparked a contentious discussion about where in the world email servers could be located. Your firm's EaaS plans won't be as complex, but you can still learn from the government's efforts.

Written by Jason Bloomberg03 Oct. 12 14:05

5 Mobile Security Lessons From the Department of Defense

Several years ago, the National Security Administration wasted millions on a circuit-switched approach to mobile security strategy. With help from the Department of Defense, the NSA is doing things differently now. Enterprise CIOs can learn a few things from the effort, too.

Written by Jason Bloomberg26 Sept. 12 12:53

Does a cyber-9/11 loom?

The longer Congress waits to gets its act together on cybersecurity, the longer the U.S. remains at risk of an attack by spies, terrorists, hackers or companies representing themselves or an entire rogue nation. Can Washington rise to the challenge without crushing civil liberties?

Written by Jason Bloomberg05 Sept. 12 12:39

How the FBI Proves Agile Works for Government Agencies

The FBI issued a press release at the end of July that hardly sent a ripple. You probably didn't notice--which is ironic, considering the release caps more than a decade of hard work and more than $1 billion in taxpayer dollars spent. The end of a story so fraught with miscommunication, incompetence and failed oversight that the entire debacle would have been a shoo-in for the most flagrant waste of taxpayer dollars since, well, ever--except that the project was turned around, put back on track and is now live thanks to the fact that it was rescued by following an agile software development methodology.

Written by Jason Bloomberg22 Aug. 12 15:00

Press the Blue Button for improved customer service

The Blue Button began as a Department of Veterans Affairs initiative in response to an executive order but has grown into a driving force behind the patient-centered care movement. By placing people before software, the Blue Button offers lessons in customer-focused service for executives in all markets.

Written by Jason Bloomberg06 Aug. 12 19:16

How NASA helped open-source Cloud take off

The government agency famous for Tang and memory foam is also the unlikely (and largely unknown) source of an equally important endeavor. Learn how NASA's long-standing culture of openness, combined with the Obama administration's official open government policies, helped give birth to the open-source cloud.

Written by Jason Bloomberg28 June 12 14:27

Can you top the federal digital strategy?

The United States government has an ambitious, four-part plan to not only use the latest, greatest, most secure and most interoperable tech, but also to use that tech to stay in touch with its citizens. Enterprises in need of a 21st century digital strategy should look no further.

Written by Jason Bloomberg11 June 12 14:33