Stories by Al Kuebler

Putting the 'B' in BRM

How can you have a business relationship management program that doesn't include input from the business units?

Written by Al Kuebler04 April 14 05:05

IT makeover: Creating an 'attraction strategy'

When the CEO asks the CIO to find a way to attract the business units to the IT function, with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue, the CIO realizes his staff is going to need some new skills.

Written by Al Kuebler27 Feb. 14 18:45

Get the IT career you want: Develop business value

A lot of technology professionals are frustrated with the IT profession. They can't find a job or move into the position that they want. They're always hearing that demand exists, but that's not what their personal experience has shown them. They feel they have the skills for the job, and have even put in the time it takes to be qualified or certified in the technologies in demand. But the requirements for IT career development remain elusive.

Written by Al Kuebler25 Aug. 11 03:17

Training focused on goals brings targeted change

Early in my career, I experienced attitudes toward training and development that were polar opposites. Later, as I moved into leadership positions, I gravitated toward the pole that favored developing staff and keeping them up to date on technology developments. Nonetheless, I have found that extremes rarely provide the best course, and I came to realize that an anything-goes, pro-training policy had its drawbacks.

Written by Al Kuebler16 March 11 05:41

The CIO you don't want to be

Sometimes you meet a person who strikes you as an inspiring role model. Other times, you get a role model of a different sort, an example of how not to be. The CIO I had just spent an hour with was definitely the second type.

Written by Al Kuebler04 Dec. 10 05:47

Leading by letting go

In the course of my career, I've seen my share of dysfunctional IT organizations. One of my most difficult assignments was as CIO for a large county government. It was also one of the best lessons in what it takes to energize IT professionals and serve clients ever more responsively.

Written by Al Kuebler10 Sept. 08 08:52