Stories by John Sviokla

Being There - How to be a 24-hour 3-D marketer

Customers don't care what time it is when they do business-companies make them care. If you want to win them for life, be there whenever and wherever they want you to be.

Written by John Sviokla15 May 01 15:37

Please, Pick Up the Phone

Your strategic e-commerce advantage is ringing in your pocket.

Written by John Sviokla11 May 01 11:20

Knowledge Pays

You need to redefine your notion of knowledge management for the digital age.

Written by John Sviokla05 March 01 13:00

The New Barbarians

The leveraged buyout rogues got lean and hungry in the 90s. Now they're coming back to get you, and they will use junk equity to do it

Written by John Sviokla27 March 00 08:56

The Customer Information Backlash

You've been hoarding information about your customers for years. You'd better start giving it back

Written by John Sviokla17 Jan. 00 10:54