Stories by Anthony Cimino

Blog: Learn management from cooking shows

Recently I was watching another episode of Hell's Kitchen and it struck me - working in a kitchen is a condensed version of working on software development. Lot's of egos, tons of pressure, sharp knives and chaos as a team attempts to work together towards a common goal. Yet, a well run kitchen is a thing of beauty and can avoid exploding into a flaming wreck when run correctly. How do different people, working at break neck speeds manage to coordinate their efforts into a well timed delivery of food? Why are there not more stabbings in such an intense environment? Communication. A well run kitchen is constantly talking. Watch one of these inside the kitchen type shows. They are real eye openers about the power of effective communication.

Written by Anthony Cimino13 Sept. 07 13:03

Blog: Why your software is delayed

"How long will it take to finish the software?" That question is by far the most vexing one a software will team will get. The software team will think about it, come up with a reasonable estimate and then to be safe multiply that by three. Sometimes you get lucky and this works, and sometimes it is exposed as the voodoo it is.

Written by Anthony Cimino27 Aug. 07 07:38

Blog: No Agenda

A common mistake of an all-staff meeting is not having an agenda.

Written by Anthony Cimino23 Aug. 07 12:13