Stories by Rob Livingstone

Balancing outsourcing with Agile development

The ‘keeping mum effect’, or reluctance to report bad news about a distressed project, is alive and well in our time-compressed, competitive, uncompromising and globalised business environments.

Written by Rob Livingstone15 April 15 16:07

BYOD — don’t let it become bring your own disaster

Organisations are demanding more and more of their IT departments to be increasingly agile and responsive to users’ needs when it comes to bring your own device (BYOD). The challenge is ensuring BYOD doesn’t become bring your own disaster.

Written by Rob Livingstone30 July 12 15:37

Clouding over due diligence in enterprise IT

As a CFO overseeing your organisation’s transition to Cloud computing, how can you ensure your cloud initiatives delivers on its promises over the medium and long term? Focusing on the short term is the comparatively easy part. Enterprise Risk Management is often one of the key accountabilities for the CFO, and an uncontrolled shift to the cloud could expose you and your organisation to unacceptable risks.

Written by Rob Livingstone17 July 12 16:08

What's your brand?

In the last year or so, the word ‘brand’ has been appearing with increasing regularity and IT is no exception to this trend. Top athletes talk about their PB, or personal best. For CIOs, is your PB more important than your PB? By that I mean is your ‘personal brand’ more important than your ‘personal best’? Marketing and branding are no longer restricted to the domain of the sales and marketing teams, whose primary purpose is to make their company’s products and services more attractive or appealing to customers than those of the opposition.

Written by Rob Livingstone05 April 11 11:21