Stories by Laurianne McLaughlin

Real Risks Inside Every Virtual Box

Last year, the big question about virtualization in data centres was: "How much money and time will this save us?" This year, the big question will be: "How secure are we?"

Written by Laurianne McLaughlin07 March 08 15:19

Process Trip

When Rich Phillips became COO OF Maritz Travel about two and-a-half years ago, he sat down and took a hard look at the big industry picture

Written by Laurianne McLaughlin04 Feb. 08 13:07

Identity Crisis: Pfizer's Fix

By 2003, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer found itself with a costly business problem: Paper. Reams of paper. Mountains of paper. Pfizer was up to its neck in the stuff

Written by Laurianne McLaughlin02 Oct. 07 11:09

Blog: How one CIO escaped e-mail attachment hell

E-mail attachments have become a staccato series of shooting pains for many a CIO. Today's attachments --packed with images, presentations, PDFs, video clips and other space gluttons -- keep getting bigger, with no end in sight. They can bloat your servers, clog your systems and slow user mailbox opening to a crawl (prompting help desk calls).

Written by Laurianne McLaughlin18 July 07 10:59

Blog: How One CIO Performed Database Magic in Six Weeks

Alec Palmer, CIO for the US Federal Election Commission, had a clear mandate from his business side: Our database presentation tool doesn't serve the public well. Fix it. And he did, in-house, with no extra staff, for $US12,000, in six weeks.

Written by Laurianne McLaughlin18 July 07 10:29

Blog: Sit Your Way To Success At Meetings

You are where you sit: Your choice of perch for your regular meetings can send the wrong message and even hurt your career, say executive coaches, reports today.

Written by Laurianne McLaughlin16 July 07 15:54

Blog: A secret weapon to drive top line revenue

If there's one goal CIOs want to achieve this year, it's to help drive revenue. Some shrewd CIOs have found a little-known route to get there: Price optimization software

Written by Laurianne McLaughlin01 June 07 21:33

Blog: What Keeps Top CIOs Sleepless

What technology keeps you up at night? That's not the right question to ask CIOs anymore, I've learned this week at CIO's leadership conference here in Huntington Beach, California.

Written by Laurianne McLaughlin01 May 07 15:55