Stories by Paul Suarez

Two doubts about Google Instant

Google managed to turn a few heads when it announced its new Instant search last week. Mine was one of them.

Written by Paul Suarez13 Sept. 10 06:59

iPad due for front-facing camera?

The redesigned iPod Touch stole the show at Apple's fall music event, but the Cupertino company may have a bigger trick up its sleeve in the coming months: an updated iPad.

Written by Paul Suarez13 Sept. 10 00:13

Google's march toward social networking

Google this week confirmed its acquisition of online entertainment company Slide. The purchase rehashed speculation that the search giant is interested in working its way into social media, possibly with a game-centered service called Google Me."

Written by Paul Suarez09 Aug. 10 05:38

Apple disses Droid X

This is getting awkward. Apple on Friday targeted another smartphone on its antenna site, the Droid X.

Written by Paul Suarez25 July 10 08:01

Google moves its encrypted search

If you're paranoid about snoops discovering your Web search terms and results, you'll have to start pointing your browser to another URL to use Google encrypted search.

Written by Paul Suarez28 June 10 07:15