Stories by Paul Suarez

Google+ data sheds light on users: It's raining men

We got our first official look inside Google+ this week thanks to Google's Q2 earnings announcement, where we learned the nascent social network has amassed 10 million users. Other sources say that those users are primarily male and more engaged in discussions than users of other social networks.

Written by Paul Suarez17 July 11 03:46

Search engines ruin our memory, make us smarter

By now you've probably heard that Google and other search engines are making us think differently. Columbia University researcher Betsy Sparrow said we are remembering less information if it is readily available online, but we are remembering where we can find that information on the Internet.

Written by Paul Suarez17 July 11 09:05

Apple asks to yank Samsung products in patent fight

Apple took its patent infringement suit against Samsung to the next level on Friday when it asked the U.S. District Court to issue a preliminary injunction against sales of a Samsung tablet and phones.

Written by Paul Suarez04 July 11 05:14

MacBook Air due for refresh

Apple this month will start to mass produce the next generation version of the MacBook Air, according to AppleInsider.

Written by Paul Suarez14 June 11 00:52

Apple sued by iCloud

Looks like Apple finds itself in the middle of another trademark dispute over a recently revealed product.

Written by Paul Suarez14 June 11 00:53

Apple reportedly hires MobileNotifier Coder

Sure, we've all heard that widgets and better notifications may be headed for iOS 5, but it looks like an allegedly new (and notable) Apple employee may further confirm that notification changes are in Apple's future.

Written by Paul Suarez06 June 11 05:47

iOS 5 may feature app auto-downloads

Sure, WWDC is just around the corner, but that doesn't mean that the Apple rumor mill stops churning.

Written by Paul Suarez06 June 11 04:58

Google Wallet: The debate rages

Google's announcement last week of its mobile payment system Google Wallet has attracted a fair amount of skepticism and praise from journalists, bloggers and security experts.

Written by Paul Suarez29 May 11 08:51

Foxconn working conditions were criticized before fire

A two-week old report from a Hong Kong-based watchdog group may give us more insight into the explosion that killed three people at a Foxconn assembly plant in China on Friday.

Written by Paul Suarez24 May 11 00:03

Facebook's anti-Google efforts get muddier

Earlier this week reports surfaced that Facebook had hired PR firm Burson-Marsteller to run a "smear campaign" against Google.

Written by Paul Suarez15 May 11 06:55

Apple's iCloud service spotted as 'Castle'

References to what may be a code name for Apple's rumored iCloud service are reported found in the latest developer preview of Mac OS X Lion by the French blog Consomac.

Written by Paul Suarez03 May 11 00:00