Stories by Jennifer Kavur

Canada's info, privacy bodies want open government

Canada's information and privacy commissioners have become advocates for open government, issuing a joint resolution to support open government ideals and a call for all levels of government across the country to follow their lead.

Written by Jennifer Kavur11 Sept. 10 03:44

Hot skills, cool jobs for 2010

Demand for IT professionals has grown in the last quarter. Our guide to the jobs that are in demand, what they pay, and the skills you need to get them.

Written by Jennifer Kavur23 March 10 06:39

What end users want from IT departments

If the question "What do you want from me?" screams in your head throughout the day, it might be time to re-assess the relationship you have with the rest of your organization."

Written by Jennifer Kavur16 Jan. 10 08:47

IBM's 'enterprise Facebook' is a hit

Lotus Connections is "the fastest-growing software in IBM history when it comes to market adoption," said an IBM social software strategist on board the Lotus Bus. IBM discussed iNotes, Symphony, security and boundary workers during its stop in Toronto.

Written by Jennifer Kavur07 Nov. 09 06:45

Mainframe specialists make the IT 'it' list

Demand for mainframe specialists is at an all-time high, according to IBM Canada. While IT staffing firm Sapphire Canada hasn't noticed an increase in demand, the need for mainframe specialists never really decreased either, says Sergio Mateus.

Written by Jennifer Kavur21 Sept. 09 07:04

Soft skills are sexy

If you think technical skill is all you need for a career in IT, think again. Expectations for IT employees are changing.

Written by Jennifer Kavur03 July 09 03:37

Data recovery needn't be your dirty little secret

Enterprises don't like to discuss how often backups fail to take place, restorations prove unsuccessful and damaged media ships out for data recovery.

Written by Jennifer Kavur12 March 09 09:16