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IBM in Euro 25M deal to overhaul Spanish health service

IBM has entered an agreement to overhaul health service information systems in Spain, as part of a deal designed to ease management and patient administration across 14 hospitals, 107 clinics and 300 local doctor's offices.

Written by Scarlet Pruitt07 Dec. 04 07:43

UK gov't report cites merits of open source

Open source software proponents received a potential boost from the U.K. government on Thursday with a release of a report citing the well-documented advantages on the server side, but also growing maturity on the desktop front.

Written by Scarlet Pruitt01 Nov. 04 09:00

Microsoft provides Office source code to governments

Facing growing competition from open source software providers, Microsoft has decided to allow governments and international organizations access to source code for its Office 2003 productivity suite.

Written by Scarlet Pruitt21 Sept. 04 08:47

Microsoft courts governments in strategy shift

Having faced high-profile antitrust cases in both the U.S. and European Union (E.U.), Microsoft may not immediately spring to mind as governments' favored friend. So it is perhaps not surprising that the software giant has waged a quiet campaign in recent months to change its image from that of monopolist to "good corporate citizen."

Written by Scarlet Pruitt31 May 04 09:06

Sun pushes open source in new EU

Sun Microsystems Inc. began sinking its teeth into the "new" European Union this week, saying that it has signed a no-charge education licensing program with the Hungarian government that will make its StarOffice 7 productivity suite available to 5,500 schools and 67 higher educational institutions in the country.

Written by Scarlet Pruitt05 May 04 08:43