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Who's driving consumerisation?

The technical impact of the consumerisation of IT can be disruptive to CIOs, but a less well considered aspect is the impact to organisational management processes.

Written by Mark Chillingworth11 April 13 20:23

CIOs looking to increase business value from technology

Post credit crisis CIOs will not be totally focused on cost reduction, but instead looking to use technology to add value to the organisation. In the same month that saw the announcement that the next CEO of retailer Tesco will be its CIO; a study by KPMG finds that CIOs are looking beyond the recession to really drive the business forward through technology use, just as Tesco did.

Written by Mark Chillingworth21 June 10 23:49

Blog: Generalist or tradesman?

I haven't seen a film out of Hollywood that made me think about society for a very long time, but Scott Kirsner's article What can CIOs learn from Hollywood's history? did make me think about our society and its attitudes to careers and change management, in particular whether it is better to be a tradesman or a generalist.

Written by Mark Chillingworth14 April 09 12:15

Platforms for IT Change

The Eurostar connects Britain to Europe, but the beating heart of rail travel in Great Britain has always been the Midlands. For decades Crewe was synonymous with locomotive construction, and major rail companies to this day base their head offices in the Midlands.

Written by Mark Chillingworth23 Sept. 08 08:19

Records and Payroll System is a Tech Success Story

At times the news pages of mainstream and business media give the impression that all NHS projects, especially those involving process change and technology, are failures. But there is a counterbalance to these tales of disaster - success stories.

Written by Mark Chillingworth29 July 08 14:39

Web 2.0 must be embraced for competitiveness

Organizations must embrace Web 2.0 technologies to remain competitive, but also be aware of potential threats and compliance issues. Alan Calder, chief executive of risk management consultants IT Governance has completed a report on the benefits and risks associated with Web 2.0 and told CIO they found serious issues at the board level.

Written by Mark Chillingworth25 July 08 13:20

Experts: Retail CIOs Must Keep Spending

Retail sector CIOs will need to invest in online shopping services throughout the current slow down to meet the demands of consumers both now and in the future, experts have signalled. Recent retail figures show that although consumer spending has gone down, online shopping continues to remain healthy.

Written by Mark Chillingworth22 July 08 14:57

Taking a Unified Approach to Legal Sector Growth

Strategic CIOs touch every point of the organization, even some areas that are not considered to be their immediate territory. Over the last decade law firms have changed from fusty redbrick elite clubs to thrusting commercial organizations that compete for business in a market where customers are now fully aware that they can shop around. For Graeme Low, head of IT at Cambridge based law firm Mills & Reeve, his role involves enabling a company to continue its recent record of rapid growth, provide systems that entice staff to join the company and improve communications to customers. He tells CIO how he and his team have achieved this.

Written by Mark Chillingworth08 July 08 08:42

CEOs Will Disrupt Companies to Challenge Them

Modern CEOs are as much a force of disruption to your organization as market forces, George Colony, himself a CEO at Forrester warned attending CIOs at the research company's IT Forum EMEA. Colony said the role of the CEO today is to not only ensure the lights are on all the time, but to challenge the company so that it will innovate.

Written by Mark Chillingworth16 June 08 13:36

CEO Finds Desire For Customer Ideas, Time To Think

Over the last 12 months George Colony, Forrester CEO has been touring large corporations and sitting down with their leaders to discuss the success imperatives that drive their leadership style. Wednesday, at their IT Forum EMEA, Colony sat down with CIO to discuss what he'd learned.

Written by Mark Chillingworth13 June 08 14:45

Lancashire ICT Leaders Measure Up Against Outsourcing

Outsourcing, has in the last decade, taken on an almost religious zeal among believers. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the public sector. In the 1990s local authorities had to begin market testing to define whether services would be better provided by external suppliers. But in outsourcing, all organizations can be at risk of throwing the baby out with the bath water. There are, however, notable success stories from the world of outsourcing, but Lancashire County Council in the UK is an example of successfully measuring the value of the services it offers and discovering that outsourcing is not the best option.

Written by Mark Chillingworth11 June 08 08:30