Stories by Patricia Wallington

You Got a Problem with That, Buddy?

The CIO position, more than most others, is rife with confrontation. It is the hub of change in most companies. You're going to propose a drastic reduction in the systems enhancement budget for each of their departments in order to fund some new development activity. You know they will hate this proposal.

Written by Patricia Wallington21 June 07 12:00


Some leaders are so bad, they can poison a company. Here's how to spot them, and what you can do about them

Written by Patricia Wallington01 May 06 11:49

Lonely at the Top

Congratulations! You're the new boss. And your former colleagues don't like it

Written by Patricia Wallington07 Nov. 05 17:29

The 'Off' Switch

Leaders need to think, and you can't do that if you're always on - on call, on duty and on guard

Written by Patricia Wallington07 July 05 08:00

Leader, Fix Yourself

If your staff isn't doing the work you expect of them, you may be the one who needs to improve your performance.

Written by Patricia Wallington05 April 05 09:43

Get to Know Your Friendly CXO

A CIO needs allies in high places. Here's how to cultivate them

Written by Patricia Wallington07 Dec. 04 14:45

Agility in Adversity

How you can handle a crisis with a clear head and a can-do approach

Written by Patricia Wallington06 Oct. 04 10:22

The Ties that Bind

To succeed at the next level, leave the day-to-day details behind

Written by Patricia Wallington12 July 04 12:50

The Joy of Leadership

Don't let the work kill the wonder

Written by Patricia Wallington10 May 04 14:27

About Face!

Sometimes changing direction midstream is the best display of leadership.

Written by Patricia Wallington08 Oct. 03 10:42

After You!

Did you ever play Follow the Leader as a child? Would it surprise you to learn that this game is excellent preparation for future leadership? People cannot lead effectively if they have not first learned how to follow. Ineffective followers have trouble distinguishing when it's time to follow and when to lead

Written by Patricia Wallington11 June 03 13:52

The Ins and Outs of Personality

Whether you're reserved or outgoing, here's how to emphasise the positives of your natural style.

Written by Patricia Wallington10 March 03 11:51

Leadership from Below

Some say that leadership always starts at the top. But does it end with the CEO? I don't think so. Leadership skills can be found at all levels of an organisation. You can - and should - exhibit leadership to influence those at the top of your company.

Written by Patricia Wallington11 Nov. 02 11:30

Error! Error!

OK, so you've just blown it. But even a major blunder doesn't mean your career is over. Much as we all would like to be perfect, our humanity manifests itself when we make a mistake.

Written by Patricia Wallington06 Sept. 02 10:40