Stories by Matt Hamblen

Visa shows in-car payments and with a wave of your hand

As Internet of Things devices become ubiquitous, consumers will someday pay for gas, parking and tolls from their cars without using a credit card or even stepping out of the vehicle.

Written by Matt Hamblen24 Feb. 16 23:05

Samsung announces next-gen flagship smartphones

Both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones look very similar to last year’s models, raising questions about how they’ll do against the iPhone.

Written by Matt Hamblen22 Feb. 16 04:53

Water-resistant Galaxy S7 Edge makes unofficial debut

Meanwhile, LG today officially announced a 5.7-in. display G4 Stylus 2 smartphone running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), with a thinner pen tip on its stylus for notetaking and drawing.

Written by Matt Hamblen17 Feb. 16 00:00

ENCRYPT Act co-sponsor learned tech ropes at Microsoft

Rep. Suzan DelBene, one of four congressional sponsors of the ENCRYPT Act, which would preempt state and local laws banning encryption on smartphones, cut her teeth in mobile communications for Microsoft.

Written by Matt Hamblen12 Feb. 16 09:22

Snowden leaks furor still spilling over into courts and 4th Amendment debate

Nearly three years after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden first leaked details about massive domestic spying, his revelations have prompted a broader discourse, especially among legal scholars, over the potentially invasive nature of big data cybersurveillance tools.

Written by Matt Hamblen09 Feb. 16 06:50

Cisco sees eight-fold increase in mobile data by 2020

Another new survey talks about the real costs of mobile management, which include carrier wireless network charges, hardware, IT resources needed for support and security.

Written by Matt Hamblen04 Feb. 16 02:47

In Atlanta, smart city plans aim for safety

As Atlanta embarks on an array of smart city pilot projects to improve public safety, transportation and water monitoring, residents also appear to favor the use of smart cameras for public surveillance.

Written by Matt Hamblen02 Feb. 16 07:40