Stories by Matt Hamblen

Apple's iPhone 4 is a pentaband phone

More important than its elegant design, improved screen resolution or FaceTime video calling abilities is the iPhone 4's support of five radio bands, one more than the four supported in the iPhone 3GS.

Written by Matt Hamblen09 June 10 04:20

iPhone 4, iOS 4 offer deeper enterprise support

Apple CEO Steve Jobs promised deeper enterprise support with its iPhone 4 and its iOS 4 software, noting that it will offer better data protection, wireless application distribution and support for multiple Exchange e-mail accounts, as well as SSL VPN security.

Written by Matt Hamblen09 June 10 20:13

CIOs Welcome New Framework

CIOs have long struggled to measure and demonstrate the business value of IT investments. But there's a relatively new approach to making IT investment and operating decisions -- and then proving their value to shareholders -- called the IT Capability Maturity Framework.

Written by Matt Hamblen25 May 10 05:12

Motorola offers mobile device management

Motorola Inc. today announced two managed services to help companies with limited resources keep mobile devices and wireless LANs up and running.

Written by Matt Hamblen20 May 10 04:22

Smartphone sales shoot up, benefiting RIM, Apple, Android

The smartphone's impact on the mobile phone marketplace globally is well-established, but smartphone growth continues its upward trend in fairly astounding degrees, according to market research firm Gartner Inc.

Written by Matt Hamblen20 May 10 03:51

Kindle for Android app coming soon

Kindle software for some Android smartphones will soon be available for free, granting access to 500,000 Kindle e-books, according to

Written by Matt Hamblen19 May 10 02:43

Verizon FiOS TV feeds Twitter, Facebook generation

The modern big-screen, high-definition television is not only taking on the PC for basic Web access. It's now becoming a social networking device serving Twitter and Facebook users -- as they watch TV.

Written by Matt Hamblen10 May 10 20:12

Mobile phone shipments surge by 22% in Q1, IDC says

The global market for mobile phones surged in the first quarter, growing by nearly 22% over a year earlier when the market had declined markedly in the midst of a recession.

Written by Matt Hamblen01 May 10 01:31

Motorola's iSIM could power company-specific mobile apps

Motorola's new Intelligent SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) just got its start in Europe by powering a parental control application for GSM phones, but it will also be available to enterprises that need to customize mobile phones for a sales force or other application across an entire group of workers.

Written by Matt Hamblen16 April 10 07:16

Google reportedly has a tablet in the works

Add Google to the list of companies trying to develop a rival for the Apple <a href="">iPad</a> .

Written by Matt Hamblen13 April 10 08:01

Microsoft expected to launch 'Pink' smartphone April 12

Microsoft is sending out invitations to a mystery event for press and analysts on April 12 that could be the unveiling of a new "Pink" smartphone or a new "Courier" tablet/ e-reader that opens like a book with dual screens.

Written by Matt Hamblen06 April 10 06:33

Game on: WiMax will battle LTE in the trenches

LAS VEGAS -- As the nation's wireless carriers rush to compete with faster 4G speeds on either WiMax or LTE technology, their workers are toiling in the trenches to make it happen.

Written by Matt Hamblen25 March 10 11:48

First LTE phone from Verizon expected mid-2010

Verizon Wireless plans to launch its first LTE-based (Long Term Evolution) wireless phone in mid-2011, three to six months after the carrier rolls out its new LTE network, according to a report.

Written by Matt Hamblen12 March 10 04:49

RIM's future strong despite outages and outraged users

A data service outage affecting some BlackBerry users nationally this week seems to have left them angry but not deeply concerned about the future of BlackBerry's parent, Research in Motion Ltd.

Written by Matt Hamblen12 March 10 08:47