Stories by Malcolm Wheatley

Under Your Thumb

Some of the most sensitive digital data in London resides on the servers of the City of London Police - and a great deal of effort goes into making sure that it isn't downloaded onto portable devices and then lost or stolen

Written by Malcolm Wheatley06 May 08 16:21

Operation Clean Data

Cleaning dirty data is not just a matter of mastering the technical challenges. It requires making sure your staff is working closely with the business every step of the way

Written by Malcolm Wheatley10 Sept. 04 12:25

The Myths of Open Source

It isn't all about cheap: Companies keep finding good reasons to take advantage of open-source software

Written by Malcolm Wheatley07 April 04 09:55

Firing Line

A poorly handled employee termination can create a slew of security risks. That's why CIOs and CSOs need a process for letting workers go.

Written by Malcolm Wheatley08 Oct. 03 10:15

How to Know if E-Procurement is Right For You

While some companies have achieved price reductions through online sourcing, the focus of e-procurement initiatives today is process efficiency. Here's how to decide if, what and how you should buy electronically

Written by Malcolm Wheatley07 Aug. 03 11:05

How to Win at International Politics

Integrating fragmented IT at Barclays Global Investors would be a lot easier if not for the people.

Written by Malcolm Wheatley08 March 02 10:30

Flux Forward

A packaging conglomerate's simultaneous integration and divestment are an exercise in restraint for its global CIO.
Ken André is adapting networking technology to a company in transition.

Written by Malcolm Wheatley02 April 01 14:42

Every Last Cent

While getting a handle on the total cost of ownership remains difficult, smart CIOs will keep seeking ways to reduce TCO

Written by Malcolm Wheatley11 Dec. 00 12:50

Her Majesty's Flying IT Circus

The British are top-drawer when it comes to fumbling high-profile IT projects. We tour the rubble as the government preps its e-government push

Written by Malcolm Wheatley04 Sept. 00 10:56

WAP High Wireless Act

European cell phone users already can take a piece of the wireless Web with them. Now the technology is poised to hit the United States.

Written by Malcolm Wheatley21 July 00 12:10

ERP Training Stinks

As ERP implementations falter and fail, many people think the answer is more training. They're wrong

Written by Malcolm Wheatley07 July 00 13:44