Stories by Byron Connolly

$110K for cleaner power plants

The federal government is providing $110,000 to a South Australian company to help it create software to improve boiler efficiency in coal-fired power plants, which causes 80 per cent of the electricity industry’s greenhouse gas emissions in Australia.

Written by Byron Connolly18 Dec. 12 14:54

Partnership to cut the cost of solar energy

The CSIRO will lead an $87 million research initiative which aims to cut the cost of solar thermal power from 25 cents to 10 cents per kilowatt hour, the Federal government announced today.

Written by Byron Connolly14 Dec. 12 16:15

Quantum computers will be commercially available in 20 years: scientist

It will be 20 years before quantum computers capable of modelling and simulating complex biological and chemical systems to create new materials will become commercially available, a scientist at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has predicted.

Written by Byron Connolly14 Dec. 12 10:43

Global ocean system hits 1 million observations

Oceanographers announced today that a global observing system – based on drifting sensors that travel from the ocean’s surface to mid-depths – reached the milestone of 1 million ocean observations.

Written by Byron Connolly12 Dec. 12 16:19

Laser prototype improves bomb detection

Scientists at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have developed a prototype laser device capable of detecting tiny traces of explosive vapour, an invention that has the potential to put bomb sniffer dogs out of a job.

Written by Byron Connolly10 Dec. 12 16:32

Health services go mobile

A new website and smartphone application enables users to find their nearest doctor, after-hours pharmacy, hospital and emergency department in towns and cities across Australia, federal health minister Tanya Pilbersek announced yesterday.

Written by Byron Connolly07 Dec. 12 12:25

Robotic ocean vehicle completes historic journey

It survived a shark attack, battled gale force storms and surfed the East Australian Current during its journey across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to the East Coast of Australia, all in the name of science.

Written by Byron Connolly06 Dec. 12 10:10

Perth CBD gets free Wi-Fi

Thousands of people in Perth’s CBD have access to free Wi-Fi connectivity indoors and outdoors following aCure Technology’s decision to provide unrestricted access to its metromesh wireless network.

Written by Byron Connolly04 Dec. 12 13:02

Emerging economies keen for BYOD: study

Workers in developing, fast-growth economies are more likely to use their personal mobile devices to access corporate information than their counterparts in mature countries, according to a new study.

Written by Byron Connolly30 Nov. 12 16:19

UPDATED: CSIRO job cuts “baffling”, says union boss

CSIRO Staff Association president Dr Michael Borgas described the scientific agency’s decision to cut jobs within its wireless and network technology program as “baffling” and has urged management to rethink its position.

Written by Byron Connolly29 Nov. 12 16:50

Red Cross unveils refugee app

Humanitarian agency Australian Red Cross has created an app aimed at educating Australians about the difficulties faced by refugees.

Written by Byron Connolly29 Nov. 12 12:24

NextDC preps site for WA data centre

NextDC is gearing up to begin building its fifth Australian data centre, a 9600 square metre facility in Malaga, Western Australia dubbed “P1”, which will come online in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Written by Byron Connolly29 Nov. 12 10:57

Defence seeks IT support for 2500 staff

The Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) has issued a tender for a help desk contractor to support around 2500 researchers spread over seven sites across Australia.

Written by Byron Connolly28 Nov. 12 11:12