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Global domain name disputes rise 4.3 per cent: report

Some of the world’s largest brands – including those operating in Australia – continue to fend off cyber squatters with the number of domain name disputes rising by 4.3 per cent year-on-year.

Written by Byron Connolly07 Feb. 13 12:38

CIOs need to be “integrated with the business”: Defence CIO

In this second part of his interview with CIO Australia, newly-appointed Defence CIO Dr Peter Lawrence discusses why chief information officers must work closely with other C-level execs, and the effect of social media on IT organisations.

Written by Byron Connolly05 Feb. 13 15:49

Finding the future-state CIO

In the second and final part of this series on the history and future of the chief information officer, we ask if CIOs need to become process and information architects to drive innovation inside their organisations.

Written by Byron Connolly04 Feb. 13 00:01

NSW government revamps IT services procurement

The NSW government today announced an overhaul of its primary ICT contract processes, claimed to make it easier for agencies to procure the services they need.

Written by Byron Connolly30 Jan. 13 15:49

Anti-cyber-bullying tool creator inks deals with hardware giants

ProtectaChild, an Australian company that has built software which helps parents protect their children from cyber-bullying and online predators, has signed agreements with hardware giants Acer and Lenovo to help build sales of the tool.

Written by Byron Connolly30 Jan. 13 12:10

How the CIO came to be: The history of chief information officers

In the first of a two part series, CIO looks at the history of the chief information officer; when the role came into being and why many CIOs are still considered technology boffins rather than business strategists.

Written by Byron Connolly24 Jan. 13 12:33

Updated: Defence tenders for a $2 million supercomputer

The Department of Defence plans to deploy a high-performance computer (HPC) cluster to execute computational fluid dynamics simulations that support its Future Submarine program, in a project set to begin in March this year.

Written by Byron Connolly23 Jan. 13 11:32

IT bosses want to hire this quarter: Hudson

Almost half of IT bosses across Australia have plans to hire staff in the first three months of 2013, according an employment trends report released overnight by recruiter, Hudson.

Written by Byron Connolly16 Jan. 13 12:34

Australian scientists in nanotechnology breakthrough

Scientists at the CSIRO and RMIT University have discovered a new two-dimensional nano-material that could pave the way for the creation of even smaller computing devices that offer big improvements in processing speed.

Written by Byron Connolly08 Jan. 13 11:57

IT job market to slow next year

There was a steady slide in IT recruitment in the fourth quarter of this year and the outlook for 2013 is no better, according to recruitment firm Ambition.

Written by Byron Connolly19 Dec. 12 13:31

$110K for cleaner power plants

The federal government is providing $110,000 to a South Australian company to help it create software to improve boiler efficiency in coal-fired power plants, which causes 80 per cent of the electricity industry’s greenhouse gas emissions in Australia.

Written by Byron Connolly18 Dec. 12 14:54