Stories by Byron Connolly

New standard claims to alleviate cloud security concerns

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and BSI have launched a technology-neutral certification they claim provides an additional layer of transparency around security controls used by cloud service providers.

Written by Byron Connolly01 Oct. 13 15:51

State of the CIO 2013

Innovation is a hot topic for CIOs but many are still at least a few years away from achieving their goals, according to responses for our State of the CIO survey for 2013.

Written by Byron Connolly26 Sept. 13 12:06

NSW councils team up to cut software costs

Forty-three councils across NSW are rolling out new server and desktop virtualisation technology under a new enterprise licensing agreement that harnesses their collective buying power.

Written by Byron Connolly25 Sept. 13 10:31

National e-health still has a future despite problems: CIOs

Technology heads in the healthcare sector continue to back the federal government’s controversial and slow moving national e-health record program, saying it has a future despite lacking the critical mass it needs to succeed.

Written by Byron Connolly20 Sept. 13 11:40

Technology driving ME Bank’s growth plans

ME Bank will complete a $60 million IT transformation project in 2014, boosted by the rollout of a service that enables new and existing customers to open their own transaction accounts online within minutes.

Written by Byron Connolly17 Sept. 13 17:15

Mobile app trial for NSW cops

NSW Police have begun a four-week trial of an iPad app that enables traffic cops to automatically process infringement notices. If the trial is successful, NSW Police estimated it could save 240,000 police hours and $1.2 million per year.

Written by Byron Connolly12 Sept. 13 13:28

Queensland government seeks CIO to drive IT reforms

The Department of Science, Information Technology and the Arts (DSITIA) in Queensland has gone to market for a new CIO to lead the state government’s recently announced ICT reforms.

Written by Byron Connolly09 Sept. 13 11:33

Updated: Coalition plans to filter Internet

The Coalition last night announced that it would have an opt-out Internet filter policy, but quickly backtracked, saying that users will have the option to opt-in to use the filter.

Written by Byron Connolly05 Sept. 13 19:40

Utility computing can ease big data pain

Adopting cloud or utility computing models can ease the pain for organisations analysing large amounts unstructured and structured data to gain insights that improve their competitiveness.

Written by Byron Connolly05 Sept. 13 11:51

Android tablets to outsell Apple iPads by 2015

Tablet computers based on the Android operating system will outsell Apple iPads in Australia by 2015, research firm Telsyte has predicted.

Written by Byron Connolly04 Sept. 13 11:10

From electronics engineer to CIO

In the early 2000s, Rod Apostol realised he needed to develop some business acumen to get ahead. A highly-technical individual, Apostol first became a CIO in 2001 at Greater Shepparton City Council in regional Victoria and spent 11 years in the role.

Written by Byron Connolly03 Sept. 13 15:31

Coalition puts IT governance in the frame

The Coalition has proposed a new structure where ultimate authority for “effective whole-of-government ICT decisions” would rest with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Written by Byron Connolly02 Sept. 13 14:26

Coalition ICT policy to focus on transparency, digital services

The Coalition's ICT plan, unveiled today, focuses on improving transparency around government technology spending, encourage agencies to use cloud services and providing Australians with a free digital mailbox to receive communication from all levels of government.

Written by Byron Connolly02 Sept. 13 11:24

Queensland government unveils ICT ‘action plan’

The Queensland government has unveiled a new ‘ICT action plan’ outlining how it intends to better manage technology rollouts following Queensland Health’s high profile $1.2 billion payroll disaster.

Written by Byron Connolly29 Aug. 13 14:11