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NBN Co chairman defends NBN reporting

NBN Co chairman Dr Ziggy Switkowski has defended the organisation’s reporting of key rollout data for the national broadband network saying feedback from construction partners and analysts suggested it is “the best it’s ever been.”

Written by Byron Connolly26 Feb. 14 16:27

Union slams latest fibre-to-premise trial in Tasmania

The Communications Electrical Plumbing Union (CEPU) has accused Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull of “wasteful duplication” over his commitment to a new trial of overhead electricity infrastructure to deliver a fibre-to-the-premise NBN in Tasmania.

Written by Byron Connolly26 Feb. 14 10:39

Don’t cross the ‘creepy line’ of data analytics

Gartner research VP Frank Buytendijk has called on organisations to be prepared to put the brakes on complex, high-level data analytics and get the basics right before the practice gets out of control and they cross the ‘creepy line.’

Written by Byron Connolly24 Feb. 14 15:41

Updated: NBN Co reports $47.8M in revenue

NBN Co on Friday reported revenue of $47.8 million and an increase in capital expenditure by $396 million to $1.19 billion for its half year ending December 31, 2013 as it expands the national broadband network.

Written by Byron Connolly21 Feb. 14 11:31

New website identifies NBN blackspots

The Coalition government has unveiled a new website that lets Australians view the quality and availability of high-speed broadband services in local areas.

Written by Byron Connolly20 Feb. 14 15:51

Financial sector leads digital tech adoption

Australian firms are using digital technology to improve their global competitiveness and the financial services sector appears to be leading the charge, according to a new report.

Written by Byron Connolly20 Feb. 14 12:10

Big data to advance cancer genomics

Big data is poised to drive advances in the highly promising area of cancer genomics as researchers use information from increasingly disparate sources to identify the genetic and external factors that trigger this group of potentially deadly diseases.

Written by Byron Connolly19 Feb. 14 14:33

M2M to fly with 27 million connections by 2018

Around 27 million machine-to-machine (M2M) devices will be connected to mobile networks across Australia by 2018, driven largely by wearable computers, intelligent transportation systems, and smart city applications.

Written by Byron Connolly17 Feb. 14 12:47

Defence extends IT services contract with Fujitsu

The Department of Defence has extended an IT services contract with Fujitsu for a further three years as it invests in improving the performance of its network, desktop and data centre environments.

Written by Byron Connolly13 Feb. 14 10:37

CBA reports 12 per cent increase in IT costs

Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has reported a 12 per cent increase in IT costs to $700 million for its year ending December 31, 2013.

Written by Byron Connolly12 Feb. 14 18:05

Updated: Games help burn and stroke victims get moving

Game technology is being used to help burn and stroke patients in Queensland improve their mobility and quality of life. It has even assisted a young paraplegic man to walk again.

Written by Byron Connolly12 Feb. 14 16:24

IT professionals switching jobs for less money

Almost one in 10 IT workers would be prepared to move to another job that pays less money. This is compared to about one in 20 a year ago, a strong sign that tech staff are increasingly unsatisfied, a national survey has found.

Written by Byron Connolly12 Feb. 14 14:10

Health, education sectors hungry for IT skills

Employers in healthcare and education have been the hungriest for ICT skills over the past three months, according to the latest Peoplebank Salary Survey.

Written by Byron Connolly11 Feb. 14 08:00

New data privacy laws: What you need to do to comply

In just over a month, Australia will have a new set of data privacy laws with harsh financial penalties for individuals and companies found guilty of serious information breaches.

Written by Byron Connolly10 Feb. 14 11:07

NBN cables in the air cheaper in Tassie

The NBN can be built at a lower cost using aerial infrastructure in Tasmania than constructing new cables underground, according to Aurora Energy, the state-owned electricity network provider.

Written by Byron Connolly06 Feb. 14 12:26