Stories by Byron Connolly

Jamila Gordon leaves GetSwift

GetSwift’s global chief information officer Jamila Gordon has moved on after less than 12 months in the role. The former Qantas CIO joined the ASX-listed logistics software outfit in February this year.

Written by Byron Connolly14 Dec. 17 16:30

Bill Tanner new Allens CIO

Law firm Allens has appointed Bill Tanner as its new technology chief. Tanner had been acting CIO at the firm since May following the departure of Philip Scorgie.

Written by Byron Connolly14 Dec. 17 12:18

Ruralco overcomes configuration, speed issues with Azure move

In the early 2000s, Australian agribusiness Ruralco moved its SAP infrastructure into a hosted data centre in Melbourne. But as the company grew, the hosting provider’s inability to scale the infrastructure and slow system performance hindered the efficiency of staff at 40 businesses across 500 retail outlets.

Written by Byron Connolly11 Dec. 17 12:20

RACQ takes stake in Brisbane AI firm

Queensland-based motoring club and mutual organisation, RACQ, has secured a 30 per cent interest in Brisbane artificial intelligence and robotics startup,

Written by Byron Connolly06 Dec. 17 14:25

In pictures: What’s your digital future?

Government IT chiefs gathered in Canberra to discuss how they are transforming their infrastructure to improve the services they provide to citizens. The dinner was sponsored by Dell EMC and featured a presentation by Australian economist and commentator, Nicholas Gruen.

Written by Byron Connolly30 Nov. 17 10:12

Exclusive: Mark Gay leaving ME

Mark Gay has quit as chief information officer at ME after almost three years in the role.

Written by Byron Connolly29 Nov. 17 10:50

When it comes to innovation, size doesn’t matter

An organisation’s size has little impact on its ability to innovate regardless of whether it has a turnover of $50m or $500m. The likelihood of any organisation – apart from the smallest of companies – being innovative hovers around the 20 to 27 per cent mark.

Written by Byron Connolly27 Nov. 17 15:21

In pictures: CIO50 2017

CIO Australia has revealed the nation's top 50 technology and digital chiefs of 2017, the CIO50. Business leaders gathered at Sydney's Ivy Sunroom to celebrate their achievements.

Written by Byron Connolly22 Nov. 17 11:54

CIO50 2017 #26-50: Rick Coenen, Sussan Group

There are two old adages in IT that Rick Coenen reckons are very dangerous: “We don’t have the internal capabilities to do this, so we’ll outsource it” and “Nobody ever got fired for hiring (insert massive global tech company here).”

Written by Byron Connolly21 Nov. 17 19:00

CIO50 2017 #26-50: Mark Cohen, Domain

You can talk to a hundred people in a room about something exciting you need to do,” says Domain’s chief technology officer, Mark Cohen.

Written by Byron Connolly21 Nov. 17 19:00

CIO50 2017 #26-50: Richard McPartlin, Ingham’s Group

In November 2015, regional South Australia experienced devastating bushfires which ravaged parts of the state with tragic consequences. Several of Ingham’s Group’s farming facilities were destroyed in the fires, causing injury to some staff and significant loss of livestock.

Written by Byron Connolly21 Nov. 17 19:00

CIO50 2017 #26-50: Rohan Penman, Adairs Retail Group

This financial year saw Adairs Retail Group finalise ‘Project Lightyear’ a technology project to replace disparate financial, inventory management and retail solutions with an end-to-end, customised implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX. It also included a data warehouse and middleware platform for standardising integrations.

Written by Byron Connolly21 Nov. 17 19:00