Stories by Matt Hines

Straight talk for security pros

Communicating the importance of security risk and the need for related investment to those less familiar is no easy task, but industry experts agree there are a few techniques that you can follow as a CSO, CISO, or project manager to help get your point across and curry favor with other business leaders.

Written by Matt Hines17 March 08 08:50

What the US is missing by ignoring IPv6

There are just 100 days left for federal agencies to change over from IPv4 -- the version 4 of the Internet Protocol that everyone uses -- to the IPv6 version. In the fast-approaching future where everything from PCs to cars, from alarms to toasters, from phones to cereal packages has an IP address and is connected to the Web, IPv6 promises to make many more IP addresses available -- enough addresses for every conceivable use. Oh, and IPv6 will make Internet communications more secure through better identity verification.

Written by Matt Hines13 March 08 07:26

How great IT security leaders succeed

As the threat of attack, both external and internal, continues to take root and as data-handling regulations continue to proliferate, the role of a chief information security officer appears to be growing more complex by the day. Many CISOs are doing an admirable job of stemming the tide of data loss and keeping their heads above water around compliance. But some IT security leaders are doing it better than the rest, according to a recent Forrester Research report, which has identified several characteristics that make these top CISOs more successful than their peers.

Written by Matt Hines11 March 08 08:30

Policy Experts Split on Spyware Laws

Two of the agencies most actively involved in bringing cyber-criminals to justice in the United States have expressed opposing opinions over pending anti-spyware legislation.

Written by Matt Hines29 June 07 11:03

Enterprise Data Protection Tools Remain Nascent

Technologies aimed at bolstering enterprise data protection remain tough to manage, but companies can derive significant benefits if they utilize the tools with a pragmatic approach, said security industry experts.

Written by Matt Hines28 June 07 11:32

The Struggle to Protect Enterprise Data

Long ago, when businesses kept sensitive information locked away in file cabinets and safes, it was relatively cheap and easy to store valuable data and control who had access to it. Today, enterprises invest millions in security, storage, and compliance technologies - all in the name of increasing visibility into where vital electronic information lives and how it is being defended.

Written by Matt Hines26 June 07 12:11

Homeland Security to Detail IT Attacks

Officials from the US Department of Homeland Security will hold a hearing on Capitol Hill to discuss the findings of an investigation into the agency's own problems in battling electronic attacks and IT systems intrusions.

Written by Matt Hines18 June 07 11:42

Mobile Business Applications Need Work

The process of mobilizing enterprise business applications remains in its early stages, but software makers, device manufacturers, and customers are all currently working to foster increased wireless adoption.

Written by Matt Hines04 May 07 13:20

Enterprise Mobility Is Nascent Reality

The concept of enterprise mobility has been maturing for years, but large companies are only just beginning to get their hands around wireless technologies, according to the latest report from Forrester Research.

Written by Matt Hines24 April 07 11:05

Large Enterprises Still Serving Up Spam

Well-known enterprise companies are still having their IT systems hijacked by spammers despite investing in many different types of technologies aimed at stopping the problem.

Written by Matt Hines19 April 07 11:58

Consumer Data Protection Faces Legal, Tech Hurdles

Lawmakers and technology providers concede that they must create stronger mechanisms to improve protection of electronic consumer records, but claim that members of private industry must aid in the effort if those plans are to succeed.

Written by Matt Hines19 April 07 11:54