Stories by Frank Dzubeck

Are you ready for 'green SOA'?

All of a sudden "green" is the "in" color. In 2007 the IT industry embraced the green data center concept. What followed was an avalanche of PR from vendor after vendor claiming that they were greener than their competitors.

Written by Frank Dzubeck17 April 08 09:17

The Fragility of Road-Warrior Security

It is often said that the weakest link in the IT security chain is the human being. In our technological age it is inconceivable to travel without network tethers such as a laptop PC, mobile telephone or e-mail PDA. The road warrior is connected 24/7 to his home, corporate office/clients/partners and the Internet. What has occurred in the 21st century is that all of this technology is taken for granted, and security is never a primary issue or concern.

Written by Frank Dzubeck21 May 07 10:37

A Mixed Bag

Recent announcements from HP, IBM and Sun all foretell a new and evolutionary concept in IT. The underpinning of this concept is the remoulding of the vertical silos of technology within a company into a horizontal structure based on business imperatives.

Written by Frank Dzubeck10 Sept. 03 18:53