Stories by Ash Lawrenz

Scam email masquerades as official government notice

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released a warning of a scam email that purports to be from the 'Australian Office of Fair Trading', but carries a potentially dangerous payload.

Written by Ash Lawrenz24 Aug. 07 11:43

IIA welcomes Howard's $189 million Internet plan

The IIA's CEO Peter Coroneos has welcomed the Federal Government's plan to protect Australians online following prime minister John Howard's recent announcement of an $189 million plan to improve Internet safety by using filtering services to ISPs and providing free software for home use.

Written by Ash Lawrenz15 Aug. 07 12:02

IceTV wins copyright case against Channel 9

The Federal Court has dismissed Channel 9's case against IceTV, ruling on Thursday that the company does not infringe copyright against the broadcaster.

Written by Ash Lawrenz09 Aug. 07 18:28