Stories by John Webster

18 companies that suck at customer service

A recent Forrester Research report shines a spotlight across different industries on companies whose people skills leave a bit to be desired, to say the least.

Written by John Webster04 Nov. 15 15:59

In Pictures: Essential Mac management tools

Managing a fleet of Macs in a predominately Windows-centric enterprise requires third-party tools that can deliver a variety of features, such as the ability to run Windows apps on Mac hardware, synch with Active Directory and Microsoft System Center, deliver software updates and generally give IT the same degree of visibility and control over Macs that they’re accustomed to in the Windows world.

Written by John Webster20 Feb. 13 08:28

yARN: Big Data deserves IT's attention

Big data promises of a style of computing that more closely mimics the functioning of the human mind. For IT, that means moving from provisioning of services to making a big impact on business results.

Written by John Webster29 Aug. 12 10:16

A Consistently Better View

Metadirectories consolidate islands of information for easier updating.

Written by John Webster24 Sept. 99 13:12

Storage Meets Networking

Faster speeds are no surprise in storage, but this new technology eases data management too

Written by John Webster25 May 99 11:54