Stories by Michael Fitzgerald

Top CIOs Start the Journey to the 'Digital Enterprise'

Back in 1980, the woman who now runs the data center at State Street Bank started her career there by pricing a mutual fund in a ledger book. That process would get automated as the bank became a computerized enterprise. Today, she can connect State Street's systems with those of customers and partners and produce sophisticated reports to let customers analyze the mutual funds they might buy. That's the digital enterprise.

Written by Michael Fitzgerald29 Oct. 14 00:59

IT ratchets up social-media involvement

When a late arrival thought he'd catch up on the buzz at a recent conference of CIOs, he logged into Twitter. What he found -- or rather didn't find -- amazed him.

Written by Michael Fitzgerald16 Sept. 11 00:39

How Facebook and Twitter are changing data privacy rules

CIOs think about <a href="">privacy</a> the way some people think about exercise: with a sigh and a sense of impending pain. Outside of regulated industries like health care--where patient privacy is paramount--privacy affects CIOs as a corollary of security when, say, a laptop holding millions of people's records is lost or hackers siphon off customer data.

Written by Michael Fitzgerald12 June 09 07:36

Finding Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Barbra Cooper started as a CIO when the position was still called "VP of IS". In her more than 30 years in IT, she's seen the role become ever more strategic; now the CIO is in the unique position of being the C-level officer who can "see across the entire enterprise"

Written by Michael Fitzgerald30 June 08 14:14

How to Develop the Next Generation of IT Leaders

Retirement, outsourcing and a tight talent supply are thinning IT's leadership ranks. CIOs talk about the problem and share tactics for growing tomorrow's leaders

Written by Michael Fitzgerald16 May 08 12:09

4 Tips on How to Present Your IT Budget

Though it may take up less than an hour at the executive committee or board meeting, the budget presentation is one of the most important messages a CIO has to deliver. What a CIO says and doesn't say - during both the actual presentation and in the months leading up to it - sets the course for IT not just for the next year but, where new investments are concerned, for years to come

Written by Michael Fitzgerald05 July 07 10:24

How to Educate Your Business Leaders About IT

It's not enough for CIOs to be technology experts any more; they have to know the business, too. If the CIO "doesn't get it", he or she can get the boot.

Written by Michael Fitzgerald05 June 07 10:06

All Charged Up

The credit card business turned 55 last year, and it might look as though the industry is having a midlife crisis - what with credit purveyors trying to dump the classic mag-stripe-and-plastic cards in favour of cards that use wireless technologies and even mobile phones. But that's no midlife crisis. It's market expansion, and it could change the way most people use their credit cards.

Written by Michael Fitzgerald26 Feb. 07 14:22

The business case for paperless medicine

A strong argument can now be made that doctors in small and midsize practices should invest in electronic health records. Here's how to get your physicians on board.

Written by Michael Fitzgerald12 Aug. 06 15:15

Welcome to my Blog

Blogs provide a quick way to publish on the Web and even create an online version of a water cooler discussion. If that appeals to you, here's a piece on the basics of writing a blog.

Written by Michael Fitzgerald03 July 06 16:07

Don't Stop Thinking About the Value

CIOs know that project implementation success rates are woefully low. So once a project comes in on time and under budget, CIOs think they've won the battle and can move on. Wrong. Here are some strategies for wresting value from systems long after they've gone live

Written by Michael Fitzgerald05 Oct. 04 22:16

How to Stop a Laptop Thief

Your data is more at risk than ever as easily stolen laptops become more and more prevalent.

Written by Michael Fitzgerald12 Aug. 04 09:36

At Risk Offshore

Companies outsourcing their software development offshore can get stung by industrial espionage and poor intellectual property safequards.

Written by Michael Fitzgerald07 April 04 14:15

Chief Beggar, Fortune-Teller and Juggler

How to balance all your roles without dropping the ball— until they started speaking a common language of leadership

Written by Michael Fitzgerald07 April 04 12:34