Stories by Richard Hein

Why your company should hire an SEO specialist

The factors that play a part in search engine optimisation (SEO) are constantly evolving, requiring a multi-faceted strategy that involves multiple disciplines and talents, and in many businesses, multiple departments. Given those factors, are you better off hiring or outsourcing?

Written by Richard Hein16 Aug. 12 15:08

Seven reasons to use AirWatch for mobile device management

Many enterprises use AirWatch systems to manage mobile devices on an individual, group and company level all at once. From configuration to monitoring to support, here are seven reasons why AirWatch ranks among the MDM leaders.

Written by Richard Hein11 July 12 15:27

6 Things You Need to Know About jQuery

Bringing together HTML5 and CSS, the jQuery JavaScript library greatly eases the pains of Web application development. Learn how using jQuery can improve load time, SEO and multimedia on your website. And did we mention it's free?

Written by Richard Hein19 June 12 16:43

Eight reasons to gear up for HTML5 now

The W3C won't finalize the latest iteration of HTML until 2014, but there are plenty of reasons, from better video to cleaner code to improved user interaction, to incorporate HTML5 into current Web development projects.

Written by Richard Hein13 June 12 18:13

13 tips for better Joomla CMS security

As Joomla grows in popularity as an open source CMS more and more individuals and businesses of all sizes rely on the platform to get their products and services online. In fact, more than 2.5 percent of websites are running on a Joomla CMS -- and for good reason.

Written by Richard Hein10 April 12 06:59