Stories by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff

What to look for when hiring an IT consultant

How do you find the right IT consultant for your business and specific IT needs? IT executives share their tips and advice on finding the right IT consultant for your organization. We also suggest five questions you should ask all prospective candidates.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff30 July 13 13:11

15 ways to screw up an IT project

Project management experts discuss sure-fire ways to delay or derail a project and - more importantly -how you can avoid these common project management pitfalls.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff19 July 13 09:49

8 Ways Online Video Can Improve Your Business

From attracting new customers with online marketing to recruiting employees, business owners, managers and video experts discuss how video can benefit your organizations.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff09 July 13 14:09

14 proven ways to connect with customers

There are many ways to connect with customers, but which ways are the most effective? Business owners and managers as well as customer relationship experts share their tips on how and where to best engage with existing and prospective customers.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff02 July 13 14:00

13 Simple Tips for Improving Your Web Design

How your website is laid out, what colors, fonts and images you use (or don't use) can mean the difference between success (low bounce and exit rates, high conversion) and failure (high abandonment, low sales).

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff04 June 13 16:04

17 Tips for Achieving Social CRM Success

Social media and customer relationship management (CRM) experts share their tips for how organizations can leverage social media to improve customer engagement.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff29 May 13 13:24

11 tips for deploying ERP applications

In a global mobile environment, organisations are looking for ERP systems that do more than integrate with a legacy system. But with so many solutions available, how do you choose the software that's right for your enterprise? IT executives and ERP experts offer 11 tips to get a return on your software investment.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff15 May 13 13:24

6 Tips to Build Your Social Media Strategy

With so many social media options, how do you pick the best one(s)? IT executives and social media experts share their top six tips for selecting the social media platforms that will provide the greatest return on your investment of time and resources.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff08 May 13 13:57

8 Tips for Retaining Top IT Talent

How do you retain top IT talent in a competitive market? Is it money? Flexibility? Something else? IT recruiters and executives share their top eight suggestions for how you can keep developers, engineers and IT staff happy.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff01 May 13 13:55

How to choose the right software

How do you choose the right software (or app) for your organisation? How do you sort through the sales hype? And how can you tell which vendor will be with you for the long haul and which will disappear after the sale?

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff16 April 13 09:30

How to Choose the Right Software Vendor

How so you sort through all the choices and find the right software vendor for your business? IT execs with experience offer eight suggestions (along with four bonus tips) about what questions to ask software vendors as well as how to properly vet them and their product offerings.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff15 April 13 19:04

7 Tips to Help Projects Managers Track Their Tech Teams

While there are dozens of solutions for managing projects, managing human beings is a bit trickier. So asked dozens of IT executives and project managers for their suggestions on how to keep tabs on what your direct reports and team members are working on, how best to monitor their progress and ways to quickly identify and prevent potential problems. Their top seven suggestions appear below.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff11 April 13 14:30

13 tips to get business teams to use your CRM system

Having a great new customer relationship management system won't be worth much until you figure out how to get everyone to use it. CRM experts provide tips on how to get members of your sales, marketing and customer service teams to actually use that expensive new CRM system.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff27 March 13 13:15

13 tips for keeping IT projects under control

How do you keep IT projects under control? Project managers and other experts share their top tips for keeping IT projects on schedule.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff19 March 13 11:17