Stories by Bob Kantor

How IT leaders can empower teams to become decision-makers

Most managers want their team members to be more proactive when it comes to making decisions. IT Team leaders at any level can use a 'Tree Decision Rights' model to identify different types of decisions and then work with their team members to empower them to take on more decision-making responsibly.

Written by Bob Kantor06 May 13 18:47

Four ways to end unconscious incompetence and manage effectively

Have you ever given a team member an assignment and told him or her to come see you if they needed any help with it... then been surprised a few days or weeks later, when they were in trouble but hadn't come to you for that help?

Written by Bob Kantor27 July 12 20:00

Three ways you can be the manager no one wants to leave

The idea that employees who quit their jobs are more likely to be running away from their managers than they are to be bailing out on their companies, was first popularized by two researchers from The Gallup Organization in 1999.

Written by Bob Kantor20 June 12 15:40

Improve the IT job interview process with targeted selection

The IT industry prides itself on using structured methodologies to dramatically improve process quality and efficiency--even in regards creative processes that seem not to lend themselves to such structured approaches.

Written by Bob Kantor06 June 12 01:13

How to design a successful RACI project plan

Having managed and rescued dozens of projects, and helped others do so, I've noted that there is always one critical success factor (CSF) that has either been effectively addressed or missed/messed up.

Written by Bob Kantor23 May 12 11:00