Stories by Richard Sykes

Commoditise for success

Everyone wants business/technology alignment and commodity services can help provide it this year.

Written by Richard Sykes10 March 09 12:09

It's the Humans, Stupid!

Technology doesn’t just develop itself, and talent management skills are vital when it comes to innovative projects.

Written by Richard Sykes13 Oct. 08 13:51

Services at a Crossroads

Words are always at risk of being kidnapped by particular industries and applied to ever-larger contexts. Thus, in the world of IT, "services" has come to be applied to all the work that IT companies do that is not about the supply of hardware or software as such, but rather the wide diversity of work associated with their exploitation.

Written by Richard Sykes24 July 08 08:13

Outsourcing and Offshoring are Loaded Terms

To outsource or not - it's a serious business decision. But the problem is that words carry baggage, and none more so than the word 'outsource'.

Written by Richard Sykes30 May 08 14:32